Well, the infamous parish government body for Caddo Parish is working to join the list of government entities giving away taxpayer money.
This time it is Caddo Commissioner Stormy Gage-Watts (Democrat) on point with a proposal to give $500 to 500 parish families in need, alleged to be related to Covid-19.
Parish “emergency funds” would be the funding source if the proposal is passed by the full Commission in a vote two weeks from now.
This money would be in addition to federal and state government funds.
In fact, local government bodies, especially around here, do not pass out funds in any such manner, owing in part, at least, to questions about the legality of doing so. (The Commission is, as we know, always – always – flush with our money.)
All else aside, there are two rock-solid reasons in my experience for taxpayers to oppose this, uh, “gifting” …
… the Caddo Commission can never be trusted to pass out “reserve” funds as it pleases, and
… setting such a precedent around here would be just plain nutty.
On the first of those two points, the Commission plan would arbitrarily pick 500 recipients, regardless that latest Census Bureau data shows there are 96,360 total households in the parish, with 22,000-plus individuals below poverty.
On the second point, the Caddo Parish Commission is well known as a seedbed for public corruption.
Most recently, District 6 Commission member Lynn Cawthorne (Democrat) has been indicted on a very long list of felony criminal charges for which he awaits trial in U. S. District Court. At issue is theft of federal funds from a program which feeds children in Caddo Parish public schools.
Until research and extensive other work I did in 2015, Commissioners had been receiving illegal retirement and other illegal taxpayer monies which went straight into their pockets.
Given its well-earned reputation for self-service, who can logically (or otherwise) believe this give-away of our money has anything to do with Covid-19? To boot, who is going to oversee where the money actually goes?!
More directly, who chooses the recipients, and who attests to that and a good list of other related picks and choices?
So much for any contention that there isn’t taxpayer money floating around this parish / city.
Oh, by the way, the next wave of federal stimulus payments tracing to Covid-19 is loudly expected to take shape just after the first of the year.
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