Sunday, January 12, 2020 … 2:50 P.M.

Some notables within and around Shreveport city government believe the cabal of Mayor Adrian Perkins, City Councilman Willie Bradford and the Cross Bayou Point guys are, for now, sidelining the deal.

Even if so, we who care should particularly note the word “now.”

Who knows about later?

These sources share their belief that the obvious has finally – at the last moment, we should note – dawned on these folks and set in: they cannot, uh, “find” the necessary fourth City Council vote, and, more to the point, Shreveport is broke.

Well, at least too broke to buy such pie in the sky.

Thus, the City’s purchase of 88 acres for this truly nutty thing, along with its responsibility to “decontaminate” parts of that acreage, are not NOW possible.

I note for the record that no one in on the deal ever bothered to estimate how much taxpayer money the necessary land purchase and decontamination would require.

Be all this as it may, the City Hall website includes the Resolution necessary for the Council to update the city’s Memorandum of Understanding between the parties, initially entered into last summer.

Included with other pull-your-hair-out language in that Resolution is this paragraph:

“WHEREAS, numerous studies regarding the development of Cross Bayou have been performed over multiple city administrations, with each concluding, as does the Shreveport-Caddo 2030 Master Plan, that the development of Cross Bayou would be transformative, and of substantial public benefit.”

I note for the record that there is also “substantial public benefit” in raises for police, refunds to city residents for years of systematic overcharges for water and sewer services, and many other real and true city needs.

None of those real and true needs, of course, require the enrichment of some tiny number of City Hall “friends.”

The actual Resolution up for Council chat and/or real action is here:


Perkins’ Plan B is said to be the pursuit of quick-hit, unrelated gifts to his “friends” from such money buckets as the nearly $3,000,000 in unused funds from past bond issues.

Be all this as it may, a lot can happen between now and Tuesday’s City Council meeting. It is, after all, difficult to imagine these Cross Bayou Point guys simply walking away.

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