… Friday, June 2, 2017 … 8:57 a.m. …

The details shared by witnesses are undisputed. State Representative Cedric Glover’s House Bill 667 perished yesterday, not with a bang but a whimper, as my favorite poet wrote it.

When Glover sat down to explain his toxic bill to the Senate Committee on Local & Municipal Affairs, the Vice Chairman, Senator Jack Donahue, stomped-out Glover’s mainly hidden agenda.

Donahue noted that Glover’s bill was not supported by Shreveport-area Senators, specifically naming Barrow Peacock, Greg Tarver, and Ryan Gatti. Thus, it would not be further addressed by the Louisiana Senate.

Done … kaput.

Just like that, a few days of wonderful and marvelous and heretofore unthinkable grass-roots political opposition defeated a notably unsavory gonna-be state law.

As I have learned, H. B. 667 was concocted from some startlingly destructive Glover motives, including creation of a taxing authority tailored for corruption, and his personal crusade of racial bias in appointments to public bodies.

The outburst of opposition to Glover and his bill included emails, telephone calls, texts, innumerable social media pages, and the RealShreveport.com website. Targets were any legislators who might help us kill the bill.

Many legislators, one way or another, responded to our appeal, and Senator Donahue’s decision to shut Glover down traces to it …

… legislators had heard all they needed to … from us.

When the wild week began, Senator Barrow Peacock telephoned me about the legislation, which had already zipped, 14-0, through the House Committee on Municipal, Parochial & Governmental Affairs – of which Glover is a member.

The next day, the bill was passed by a vote of 71-3 in the House of Representatives, regardless that this was a Democrat’s bill of taxation in a legislature controlled by Republicans.

It was no surprise to learn Representative Glover was using every known technique of sneak.

He well knew that the days just before the Memorial Day legislative break were his friend, and facts and truth were not.

Soon, as grass-roots heat was applied, various sources began to publicly explain at least some of Glover’s rigging.

Republican Representative Larry Bagley of Mansfield noted that one or more answers to questions he asked Glover about his bill from the House floor were not true.

Republican Thomas Carmody added that Glover had deliberately scheduled the House vote on the bill for a time after which Carmody and Republican Alan Seabaugh (and 29 other House members, as it turned out) would already be on their Memorial Day break.

Seabaugh added that Glover’s bill actually had a sole purpose: future Shreveport mayors – as Glover intends to be – would thereafter be allowed to call elections and tax Shreveporters without involvement of our City Council.

Cedric Glover was acting like Cedric Glover, and many were somehow snookered.

For the record, that true purpose of Glover’s bill jumped off the pages as I read and studied for my first article about it. If one knows Glover’s record and method, “taxation without representation” of Shreveporters was a given.

I wrote and posted my article – notably including on RealShreveport.com – last Saturday:


Then, all happy hell broke loose!

Something gave. Our years of bleeding from public corruption and the highly abusive tax-happiness of unelected “leaders” had broken something in a lot of us.

Regardless, traditional news media remained silent throughout, except KTBS-TV.

Top Shreveport community organizations never commented on the bill. In fact, taxing us is something they virtually always support.

On the other side of the ledger, we owe a loud “Thank You!” to many.

First and foremost, this prize goes to the untold hundreds who were fed-up enough to email, phone, text, social-media-message and otherwise irritate as necessary subject state legislators.

More specifically, I thank these …

… Senator Peacock and Legislative Assistant Mary Ann Van Osdell
… Brenda O’Brock, Diane Long and Rob Maness, Louisiana Power Coalition / We The People
… Northwest Louisiana Association of Realtors
… Home Builders Association of Northwest Louisiana
… Senator Greg Tarver
… Senator John Milkovich
… Senator Ryan Gatti
… State Representative Raymond Crews
… any and all yet unidentified legislators and their staff who helped us.

I personally thank Will Broyles and his RealShreveport.com website. When we crashed his server, he loved it like we had sent him a very special gift.

© 2017 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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