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In three weeks plus a couple of days, Shreveporters who care will cast two critical votes: Louisiana governor and our $186,000,000 bond issue.

The latter is easily the most important debt vote in my Shreveport lifetime. Without doubt, ours is not a city which would rationally take on any additional debt, no matter that rationality has nothing to do with it.

Too, the vote for governor will have more to do with the outcome of that bond issue than most of us might imagine.

When Governor John Bel Edwards was elected four years ago, turnout in his party’s Democrat strongholds was boosted by a $935,000 PAC contribution from leftist political god George Soros to our then soon-to-be Caddo Parish District Attorney James Stewart.

Such money supercharged the turnout for John Bel Edwards here and elsewhere.

While no such contributions have yet been reported this time around (our District Attorney is not up for re-election until 2021), a piece from hard-right Breitbart News certainly foretells a juicing of turnout in such places as Shreveport:

“Louisiana Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards has hired a 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign alumnus to help increase Edwards’ voter turnout as the Democrat moves into the general election.

According to a campaign email obtained by Breitbart News, Edwards’ campaign has hired Scott Arceneaux, a veteran political activist, to focus on campaign turnout.

Edwards previously hired Arceneaux for the 2015 election runoff against then-Sen. David Vitter (R-LA). Edwards also served as a superdelegate for Hillary Clinton between 2015 and 2019. The Clinton campaign brought in Arceneaux to campaign against then-candidate Donald Trump.”

(SEE article link below.)

Clearly, with polls confirming that Edwards’ is stuck at his 47% primary vote total, a gush of Democrat Party assets to Louisiana cities is in the pipeline.

In Shreveport, election-day spending by Democrats will be as classic a two-fer as there can be: For Governor Edwards and For Perkins’ bond issue.

Such was obvious when Perkins scored his rushed 4-3 City Council vote to put the bond issue on the November 16th ballot. That it was a Republican Council member, James Flurry, who cast the deciding vote for Perkins looms larger and larger.

Regardless anything else, Shreveport is in no financial condition to take on another $186,000,000 in debt.

That was the point hammered home only three weeks ago when our Louisiana Legislative Auditor confirmed a 2018 debt total for Shreveport of $1.054 Billion, not to mention the discovery of numerous accounting violations.

Especially for cities with a spiraling-down population of tax-payers, such debt and misfeasance is toxic. This bond issue is not a vote for necessities.

In any case, a juiced vote for Governor Edwards next month may well be paired with a vote for more Shreveport debt and financial misfeasance.

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