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Shreveport and Caddo Parish voters, already notably abused by ultra-high property taxes, must now stomp-out yet another whipping by the Caddo Commission in an April 29th election.

Even worse this time, the intended property tax hikes would push the subject four millages beyond their voter-approved “10-year” terms … some as far out as 15 years, to January 1, 2032:

Ceaseless Bad Faith

Truly ugly to behold, the most striking feature of our Caddo Parish Commission is systemic official malfeasance … the breaking of criminal law.

In fact, public exposure of rampant lawbreaking by Caddo Commissioners did not begin until 2013 … only by and from alternative media. This article reminds Caddoans of that important history.

The work described here has been done at my personal expense.

Shreveport attorney Whitney Pesnell has provided his expertise pro bono. Shreveport businessman Will Broyles has likewise contributed, in many ways, including with his RealShreveport.com website.

In return, we ask that you vote on April 29th to deter, as possible, our corrupt Caddo Commission.


In October 2013, Caddo voters defeated both a 1.75-mill Commission property tax, and the body’s ludicrous, and revealing, attempt to raise their “term limit” to five … TWENTY years.

Research into those Commission propositions easily proved it had NO need for more of our money, and that guaranteeing their place at the trough for twenty years was unthinkable folly.

In the wake of their defeat, Commissioners doubled-down on self-pay lawbreaking, and acted to force us to revote the just-defeated 1.75-mill property tax.

Lurking inside the record of the Commission – which honest citizens could not know at the time – was irrefutable evidence that a strong majority of Commissioners had for years siphoned more than a million taxpayer dollars into personal pockets.

The most egregious acts of official malfeasance involved Commissioners paying themselves a retirement benefit – “CPERS” – and knowingly taking far more salary pay than was legal.

Evidence of malicious intent in their self-enrichment is clear.

Even the retirement and salary heists – which both old and new Commissioners still refuse to give back to taxpayers – did not sate their greed.

Commissioners soon voted themselves illegal life insurance, health insurance, and unrestricted annual travel pay of up to $15,000-per-Commissioner.

The travel pay was specifically arranged and paid out to Commissioners without public notice, discussion or review …
… exactly as they have now rigged the apparently illegal April 29th election ballot.

After the October 2013 election defeat of Commissioners, I went to work digging into troubling evidence of criminal malfeasance which had surfaced in that campaign.

That preliminary work struck a nerve … in time for the May 2014 revote of the 1.75-mill property tax.

The result was an anti-Commission, anti-tax landslide: 77% NO to 23% YES.

Some Commissioners and their handlers … potent locals who have “ruled” from hiding for generations … fast went to work to silence opposition.

Their shocking coziness with some in our news media was then very easy to see and understand, as it was again later that year in Shreveport’s mayoral election.

I pushed back with a deep-dive of research into the awful muck and mire of the Caddo Commission.

With the help of Baton Rouge government watchers and officials, I soon learned how much wildly open lawbreaking had been done by a strong majority of Caddo Commissioners over the years.

Within six months, at the end of 2014, I went public with details of a stunning Commission self-pay scandal reaching back more than two decades … to 1993, if not earlier.

Aggressive public exposure of facts about the Commission’s bold and open lawbreaking – including CPERS, salary and other self-pay heists – has continued since.

In March 2015, Whitney Pesnell and I sued the Commission to recover for taxpayers our stolen money.

Commissioners and their handlers went to work – on our dime – to protect and preserve the theft.

Here are initial articles detailing this history. These and many others are posted on RealShreveport.com.

December 22, 2014:

December 31, 2014:

January 7, 2015:

January 27, 2015:

February 2, 2015:

February 7, 2015:

February 13, 2015:

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