Wednesday, January 22, 2020 … 10:40 A.M.

Like dead fish in a contaminated pond, project-killing facts about the proposed Cross Bayou Point downtown development continue floating to the surface.

Now, mere days before the scheduled City Council debate, there is yet new evidence of the proposal’s absurdity.

My source of this new information, attorney Arthur “Art” Carmody, has unquestionable expertise in the matter … and no conflict of interest.

In his letter written as a private citizen, this die-hard Shreveporter describes himself as “… one who has worked and loved the downtown area for almost 70 years.”

In point of fact, and as he puts it, Carmody has one way or another “represented all of the railroads which how serve Shreveport, and several that are no longer here.”

Notable points in his letter are these:

… “On the south side of Cross Bayou and running close to it in several places, there is a single railroad track that connects the two Class I railroads serving Shreveport and is an important link in interstate commerce.

My study of the project’s proposal indicates that no meaningful due diligence has been shown on what would happen to this connection. In places, the project invades the right-of-way of the railroads and shows construction and improvements to be located within their limits in many places that it proposes to use. It is unclear where the project obtains these necessary rights.

If it counts on the City of Shreveport to use the right of eminent domain to remove the tracks, then I suggest that the many millions of dollars involved would be so substantial that the City could or would pay for it out of its own coffers and the project would collapse on its face.

All of this must be addressed before any further commitments are made by the City.”

In a measure of his passion and the strength of his argument, Mr. Carmody’s summary statement to Mayor Perkins is included in the letter’s first paragraph:

“(Cross Bayou Point) is not in the public interest, and should never have been taken seriously in the first place.”

Mr. Carmody wrote Mayor Perkins two weeks ago, with copies to all members of the City Council.

He has yet to receive any response.

As sad as it would be if the Mayor and Council members ignore it, such would nowadays be no surprise.

Regardless, I sincerely thank Mr. Carmody for his diligence … and his willingness to share these facts with others of us who care.

© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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