Friday, December 22, 2017 … 9:03 A.M.

Three days ago, I wrote yet another article detailing the Caddo Parish Commission habit of openly violating its own laws … specifically, our Caddo Parish Home Rule Charter.

The article’s title is “CADDO COMMISSION MALICIOUSLY SLAPS RULE OF LAW … AGAIN,” and appears on my Facebook timeline just below this article.

Will Broyles was kind enough to publish it on his website, too.

My article discusses how a Caddo Commission committee voted to ignore the Home Rule Charter by giving the power to conduct audits to its administrator.

As I explained, that power is the Commission’s … period … not its administrator’s.

LO AND BEHOLD, in a Commission meeting yesterday, attendees acknowledged the (my) point, and that law. The goings-on are detailed in a KTBS News online article today. (SEE link below.)

To fuzz-up how their epiphany dawned, Commissioner Matthew Linn cited a Home Rule Charter provision other than the one I included in my article.

(The two provisions set out the same point, either in enumerated powers of the Commission, Article III, or those of the parish administrator, Article IV.)

Here is the conclusion of the matter, as stated by KTBS:

“Starting in 2018, the plan is for each Caddo Parish department to be audited by an outside firm, and those audits must be approved by the Commission.”

So, what in the Good Lord’s name does our Caddo Parish attorney do?! And, why don’t Commissioners read the danged Home Rule Charter?!

I say it again: this agency of local government should no longer exist.

I also await my “Thank You” note from the Commission.

© 2017 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

KTBS News story, today:…/article_92fce178-e6dc-11e7-b803-371d…

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