CPSB Public Record: Rob Wilkinson, a.k.a. Rob Broussard

May 16, 2016

I am now a few days deeper into Caddo Parish School Board records about Rob Broussard’s employment there.  It is research resulting from a Caddo Parish Commission handover of $70,000 in taxpayer money to him for tutoring public school kids

Please note that this research deals only with Caddo Parish school system public records.  

My first article on this subject was posted last Thursday, and focused on a Broadmoor Neighborhood Association (BNA) meeting two days earlier.  Article here.)  Broussard, who heads the group, responded with immediate and striking personal attacks.  Many on social media noticed, and some immediately urged me – with good reason, I now know – to research Broussard’s history with various Louisiana public school systems. Here is the link to official Minutes of pertinent CPSB meetings, compiled by board staff into a January 7, 2003 to June 27, 2006 volume.  I will cite specific browser pages which substantiate these points.

Of most importance is the record of a “Level IV Grievance” hearing spun-up by Broussard, held in a June 7, 2005 Special Session of the CPSB.  It begins at the bottom of Page 686.

1.  The Caddo Parish school system is among those Broussard has worked for at various times in his career.  Subject employee actions against him began with his first teaching job, at Shreveport’s J. S. Clark school in 1975-1976.  He worked there, however, under a different name:  Rob Wilkinson.  

2.  Some twenty-seven years later, in 2003, Broussard returned from other positions in other systems, applying again in Caddo to become interim Assistant Principal at Turner Elementary/Middle school (browser Page 196, September 16, 2003 CPSB meeting).  He was, this time, hired under his now-legal name, Rob Broussard.

3.  According to then-Superintendent and current Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler, the CPSB did not learn until 2004-2005 that Broussard had two employee files.  He had failed to disclose his “Rob Wilkinson” name and identity on his 2003 application, regardless that one line on the form – “Other Name Used on Official Documents” – was carefully provided for that purpose.  Some CPSB officials believe that was deliberate, perhaps to hide history of adverse employee actions against him in other school districts (browser Pages 688-694).  

4.  While teaching as Rob Wilkinson at J. S. Clark in 1976, a negative report about him went from the principal to the system superintendent.  Although Broussard insisted in his 2005 hearing that nothing in that episode was notable, he resigned at year-end.  Whatever happened, his labor rep, Mr. Landry, noted the following in the 2005 hearing:  ” Mr. Broussard is not a racist,”  as well as “Mr. Broussard has never tried to change his identity to hide anything.” (Browser Page 688.)   

5.  Broussard held his position at Turner school for only a year.  Though the public has no access to his personnel file(s), he was terminated, according to multiple sources, for hitting a student.  The student was black.  (I emailed Mr. Broussard just after lunch yesterday to ask if those facts are true and correct, and – if not – what happen.  He has not responded.)  Broussard appealed, and negotiated a demotion rather than termination (browser Pages 481 & 483).  Bizarrely, after having preserved his livelihood, Broussard stressed that his new teaching job should be near his Broadmoor home in Shreveport.  

6.  Within only a few months, his “settlement” with CPSB notwithstanding, Broussard proclaimed himself a “whistle-blower” against CPSB administrative abuses, netting himself the Level IV Grievance hearing.  Again, however, he failed to make his case.  On the determinative Motion, there were 7 votes against him, 3 for him, and 2 abstentions (browser Page 703).

7.  Officials involved in this battle were:  Superintendent (now Mayor) Ollie Tyler; current CPSB members Larry Ramsey and Barry Rachel; past members Phillip Guin, Eursala Hardy, Charlotte Crawley, Tammy Phelps, Bonita Crawford and Ginger Armstrong; board attorneys Reginald Abrams and Fred Sutherland, and staff member Mary Nash Robinson. I have submitted a Public Records request to the Caddo Parish Commission for all records related to the $70,000 Broussard / BNA program.  I have specifically asked for details of how, if at all, Broussard was vetted before being given this money. 

The Caddo Commission should have never approved this project for Mr. Broussard and his political friends.  This is a school system program, but Mr. Broussard had no chance with the CPSB.  Now, this is just more political patronage, if not something much worse. Especially as Mr. Broussard continues to ramp-up his personal attacks on all who question his objectives, these facts from his record are important, and the picture emerging from them is of utmost concern. 
Finally, I extend my sincere thanks to those of you who are working with me in this effort. 

Elliott Stonecipher
(Elliott Stonecipher does this work pro bono … no compensation of any kind is solicited or accepted.  He has no client or other relationships which in any way influence his selections of subjects or the content of any article.  Appropriate credit to Mr. Stonecipher in the sharing – unedited only, of course – is expected.  The use of his work without such credit to him is unethical and will not be quietly accepted.)
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