Wednesday, November 29, 2017 … 9:29 A.M.

James Flurry, District “E” Shreveport City Council representative, confirms to me that he will soon act to at least overhaul a long-time cog in the wheel of City Hall corruption.

As some few of us well know, it will take more than an overhaul to kill this devout enemy of honest government.

The subject device – the Architect & Engineering Selection Committee – has long served no discernible purpose beyond providing political and legal cover to mayors, most notably in corrupt practices.

Councilman Flurry confirmed to me in an email exchange less than two hours ago that he will begin his subject work in January, saying …

… “It is my plan to offer legislation to abolish or to change the makeup to Department Directors to recommend to Mayor. My plans are to offer this in January 2018.”

When Councilman Flurry asked, I explained to him my conviction that abolishment of this awful device is necessary …

… “It seems very clear that it (the A & E Committee) exists only to provide political cover to our mayors. Since the mayor hires the directors, the directors will certainly find out what the mayor wants to do, and that will be the recommended selection.

The inclusion for all the years of (David) Aubrey – not even a Shreveport resident – has finished-off any chance of credibility for the group going forward. That is the responsibility / fault of both Mayors Glover and Tyler, of course.”

Literally, the A & E Committee is comprised of City of Shreveport department heads and other appointees who supposedly “recommend” certain city projects to mayors for funding with public money.

Kickbacks, shakedowns, etc., are the (now) intended product and result.

In a series of reports last month and early this month (listed below), I have detailed some corrupt practices associated with the Committee. Included are articles by which KTBS News reporters / producers Shon Gables and Gary Hines have also labored and reported.

As I mentioned to Councilman Flurry, my November 1st article detailed legal evidence that the long-time “chairman” of this cabal, David Aubrey, is a (legal) resident of Iberville Parish who works in Baton Rouge. (SEE #4 article link below.)

Aubrey has long been a very close, personal associate of ex-Mayor Cedric Glover who originally set Aubrey up on the Committee years ago. With the reasons for that appointment well known to city hall veterans and other players, Mayor Ollie Tyler reappointed Aubrey upon her election.

As KTBS News has reported, and as various trusted sources have shared with me, the history and activities of the A & E Committee have not gone unnoticed by federal authorities.

… to be continued …

© 2017 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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