Tuesday, February 25, 2020 … 4:58 P.M.

Minutes ago, the Shreveport City Council voted to reject Henry Whitehorn as Chief Administrative Officer … Mayor Adrian Perkins’ selection.

The 3-3 tie vote is a rejection according to city “law.” Consistent pro-Perkins Councilman James Green was not in today’s meeting as of the vote.

Immediately upon the vote, Perkins attacked Council members who did not vote for Whitehorn, specifically naming Councilman John Nickelson as the leader of the group.

Nickelson and other members exited the Council chamber as Perkins blew up, leaving the Council without a quorum to continue with the meeting.

Before his tirade ended, Perkins announced that he would (again) name Whitehorn as “acting” CAO.

Taking the lead for Perkins in the entire meltdown was his always-go-to, Councilman Jerry Bowman, Jr.

Joining Nickelson in voting against the appointment were Councilmen James Flurry and Grayson Boucher. In favor of the hiring were Council members LeVette Fuller, Willie Bardford and Bowman.

As of my posting this report, the melt-down is not over.

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