Tuesday, December 5, 2017 … 9:33 P.M. …

To say “no news is good news” about the Caddo Commission puts it mildly.

Be that as it may, here we are.

The Commission’s latest? Drum roll please ….

…. At its work session yesterday, Commissioners voted to set another vote, for its regular meeting on Thursday, on the supposed pressing and critical issue before them …

… worldwide “net neutrality.”

Yep, “pressing and critical” … to hyper-partisan pols.

Not since George Soros tossed a near-million bucks into our election of a Caddo Parish District Attorney has such direct involvement in America’s worsening political division arisen here.

That was at least of real consequence to us.

This is political theater … played to the cheap seats.

Yesterday’s vote was 8-3, with suspect Commissioners leading us to believe they have quietly gotten up-to-speed on matters of worldwide commerce and related use of the internet.

Who knew?!

The Commission’s lone responsibility is to deal with the very long list of things which are very wrong with government and its services in Caddo Parish.

One of those – illegal retirement pay many Commissioners heisted from us and refuse to give back – is epic in the history of Caddo Parish corruption.

As for “net neutrality,” I say yes, yes, and yes: the internet should be “neutral.”

This, however, is about D.C. political partisanship.

For the Commission to say it is “for” net neutrality is to say it wants our Caddo Parish government to be recorded – who knows where – as a devotee of the Democrat Party.

It should be the devotee of no political party, of course.

A clue to these twelve Commissioners in that context is that six of them are Dems and six are Republicans.

Commissioners Steven Jackson and Mario Chavez are on point in this.

Democrat Jackson is a tool of one of the most destructively partisan Democrats around, ex-Mayor Cedric Glover. Jackson has seemingly been hand-picked by Glover to be our next mayor, just as many contend Mayor Ollie Tyler was Glover’s last recruit.

Commissioner Chavez, according to The Times, explained the fol-de-rol this way:

“Some people oppose us urging other bodies, but I think this directly impacts Caddo Parish citizens because we all use the internet.”

(In fact, all of us do not use the internet. According to the Pew Research Center, 14% of Americans do not go online, and, more to the point, 41% of those over 65 years old do not. Those incidences have not changed for several years.)

Such bothersome facts ignored, what does internet use have to do with our parish government wading into such a rank, odious and anything-but-new hyper-partisan yuck fight?

Right. Nothing.

Too, some Republicans in yesterday’s vote should reconcile with their party before Thursday.

The three Commissioners who voted to immediately turn this howler into political road-kill were Republicans Mike Middleton and John Atkins, along with newcomer Louis Johnson, who includes no party affiliation in his Commission website bio.

Republicans Chavez, Doug Dominick, Matthew Linn and Jim Smith voted with the Dems, and Democrat Commissioner Jerald Bowman was not present.

Be all this as it may, a striking question is the logical result of a minute or two of thought on this entire matter …

… what non-partisan, honest Caddo Parish resident would ever – e v e r ! – have come up with this for Caddo Commission consideration?!

Yep, that’s what I believe, too.

© 2017 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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