Friday, May 18, 2018 … 8:44 A.M.

My thanks to KSLA-TV News and reporter Stacey Cameron for more digging into the relationship between now-indicted Caddo Parish Commissioner Lynn Cawthorne and local government … both the City of Shreveport and Caddo Commission:…/indicted-commissioners-non-profit-had…

As I have researched and written about for more than five years, the Caddo Parish Commission is and has long been a hotbed of public corruption.

While Shreveport City Hall and the Caddo Parish School Board are certainly guilty of like malfeasance, majorities of Caddo Parish Commissioners have for years officially acted, more or less openly, to enrich themselves with our money in many ways.

Truly, corruption in public bodies is “systemic” here. For years, I have particularly favored writer Elaine Byrne’s definition …

“Systemic corruption is not a special category of corrupt practice, but rather a situation in which the major institutions and processes of the state are routinely dominated and used by corrupt individuals and groups, and in which most people have no alternatives to dealing with corrupt officials.”

I strongly and certainly hope the indictment of Commissioner Cawthorne will soon be remembered as only one example of many, many, many such investigations and, hopefully, prosecutions.

And I can easily promise this: there are many, many, many more such actors in Shreveport / Caddo Parish hard at such “work” right now, including in the campaign for Shreveport mayor.

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