Tuesday, December 19, 2017 … 11:55 A.M.

Subscribers to Shreveport’s local newspaper may have noticed today’s lengthy article, “Parish Moves Forward With Call for Internal Auditor.”

It treats positively a thing – ignorance of the rule of law by the Caddo Commission – which is purely negative.

Were one to read the article, she or he would find a serious discussion of Commissioners gathering to decide if “audits” of the body are a good thing, and if they are, how said auditors should be picked.

As the paper puts it, the confab ended with a 5-1 vote that …

… “Under the approved document, Parish Administrator Woody Wilson retains authority to select and execute internal audits, subject to approval by the Caddo Parish Commission.”

The “effort” by this committee seeks to assure that the current and longstanding haplessness and corruption at the Commission remains (dirty) business as usual.

Key architects of the Commission’s illegal and unconstitutional “CPERS” retirement (criminal) scam – not to mention many other such (criminal) scams – would thereby receive an up-to-date seal of Caddo Commission approval.

As if to purposely demonstrate what the Caddo Commission now is, and why it must cease to exist by any lawful means necessary, the committee ignored this:

“The commission shall provide for an annual independent post-audit, and such additional audits as it deems necessary, of the accounts and other evidence of financial transactions of the parish government, including those of all parish government departments, offices or agencies. Audits may be by the State of Louisiana or the commission may designate a private auditor to make such audits.”

That is the law … the Caddo Parish Home Rule Charter … Article III. – Section 3-09. – Independent Audit … thus voted into lawful practice by the people of Caddo Parish on April 7, 1984, approved by the thereby-established Caddo Parish Commission on December 10, 1984.

This lawless bunch has rendered our Home Rule Charter a mere doormat for corrupt officials.

Yesterday’s action, if voted by the Commission as a whole, posts a nasty, ugly stake in corrupt ground. The Commission would thus cede to staff its power to originate audits of staff, i.e., boss man Woody Wilson and those he runs and controls.

If Wilson and his co-conspirators want to “lawfully” arrange to audit themselves, such would be an amendment to our Home Rule Charter.

Bring it on. Say what you are doing, just as we will call bull-feathers on what you say.

We the people, by vote, must approve.

Our Charter, Louisiana law, and the Louisiana Constitution likewise explicitly prohibited the wide-open CPERS heist by an impressive list of former and current Commissioners.

Such officiated, if not celebrated, local public corruption is the engine now speeding the dramatic decline of Shreveport and Caddo Parish.

I struggle to believe our place has come to this … and that so few here give a damn.

© 2017 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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