Bill Unsharpened Claims Hundreds of Computers Never Arrive in Caddo Classrooms

The Caddo Parish School system is embroiled in scandal, and whistleblower “Bill Unsharpened” came forward to give information about corruption, waste and financial fraud including Title 1 money abuse that is being funneled to local churches and other non-profits and back to people working within the school district.  He exposed that Elliott Stonecipher’s first going public about the coverup of a theft at Woodlawn High was true, and that administrators had known about the theft since January 2016, roughly a month before it was finally reported (read here).

“Unsharpened” also informed that there are several key breakdowns in accounting for technology within the Caddo Schools administration and in schools, with little to no accountability when assets go missing.

According to the source, Caddo Schools does some routine accounting for the technology provided in classrooms, but that when routine audits are performed and technology is missing, there is no follow up to recover the taxpayer owned assets.  Further, “Unsharpened” claims that there have been times he knows of where teachers do not even know that technology is headed to their classrooms for their use, and people within the system above those teachers divert or otherwise make the technology disappear.  Worse, he claims he has personally witnessed “several hundred” computers just sitting in the warehouse the district owns, presumably at their Midway location.

“Unsharpened” details that the culture of corruption and self-service is apparent.  “Unsharpened” claims that CPSB staffer & Asst. Principal at Woodlawn, Willie Henderson, is reportedly known as having had to previously leave a school district in Dallas for being caught pawning computers.  It is not known if Henderson is accused of doing so while employed in Caddo Parish.

As Caddo School Superintendent Lamar Goree continues to stiff the public on public records, it is important to note that according to “Unsharpened”, poor record keeping is benefitting some people inappropriately and directly.  Notably, they are not the children within Caddo Parish Schools.


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