Over the six weeks since Joe Biden’s “election,” I have worked to factually satisfy the most basic question now facing America: was he legally elected?
Dogging me in the process has been the lesson I learned to my complete and unwavering satisfaction decades ago: Lee Harvey Oswald was not a lone assassin who killed President John Kennedy in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.
More to the specific point, our nation’s real and true “leadership” is once again at work doing what it did then … fashioning an illusion to replace fact and history.
First, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, America’s 35th President.
A 12-year-old 7th Grader, I spent the four days after JFK’s murder glued to the television, stunned and, I now understand, remarkably changed.
Over those four days, our government and news media, in lockstep, drove home the proclaimed “fact” of the matter: Lee Harvey Oswald was the killer … the ONLY killer.
My 12-year-old mind did not doubt for one moment that Oswald “did it.” Two days into those four, I watched as organized crime errand boy Jack Ruby shot and killed Oswald on live television, with the intention and order to wrap the whole of the nightmare into a nice, neat package.
Our government’s neat package was then “confirmed” a mere ten months later with the September 1964 release and publication of the now infamous attempted whitewash, the Warren Commission report.
It was years before almost any of us even questioned how such an “investigation” could possibly be slapped together in ten months.
It was a bit over four years later that my all-along questions and doubts got the better of me. Thanks to my high school job working in my hometown library, a new book released in 1967 was available to me: Six Seconds in Dallas, written by Josiah Thompson.
Based on original research from documents in the National Archives and elsewhere – including photographs almost none of us had ever seen – Thompson raised and answered questions very, very few Americans – including our national news media – were asking, at least aloud.
Thompson concluded that President Kennedy was shot by three Dealey Plaza assassins who fired four bullets.
Quite literally, from the moment I closed the book (the first time), I never again believed, the government and news media’s “lone assassin” conclusion and consensus. In fact, once I was able to take as long as necessary studying the included photographs, the government and news media confection was all but laughable.
(Thompson’s revised and just-published book, Last Second in Dallas, is said to lean on new science and sources, and concludes according to early promotion that President Kennedy was killed by two bullets which hit him almost simultaneously, one from his front and the other from his back. The book is scheduled for release on January 7, 2021.)
What I also learned almost immediately was that my belief was ridiculous to almost everyone else. That such believers in the cover-up had never done any homework marked them.
(For readers who care to know more about the assassination, the link at this article’s end was posted late last month on the website of the NBC Television affiliate in Springfield, Massachusetts, WWLP.)
Put directly, my take-away remains as it has been since I long ago read Thompson’s and other books and articles about the CIA’s attempted invasion of Cuba’s “Bay of Pigs” in 1960 …
… Americans know far too little about the CIA and others in our government to ever buy into any government / mainstream media proclamations or conclusions about such historical events.
(President Trump was at one time a strong public advocate of releasing the remaining official documents about JFK’s assassination, but was convinced by the CIA in 2017 to hold some of them back:…/final-jfk-files-assassination… .)
Now, the so-called “election” of Joe Biden.
From the jump, consider the definition of the word “election”: “a formal and organized choice by vote of a person for a political office or other position.”
We should not believe for one moment the government / Big Media claim that what happened on November 3rd was an “election” of Joe Biden …
… it was the opposite of the requisite “organized choice,” and at least two smoking-guns – mail-in ballots and computerized counting in cities / counties controlled by Biden’s own party – spotlighted apparent evidence of widespread fraud within mere days of the voting.
As with Dallas in 1963, the sickening bias of related media “reporting” jumps off the page of the voting and its aftermath, especially given how many stunning violations of election law have been uncovered.
First, I have spent an adult lifetime in and around political campaigns, and Biden’s decision not to even bother conducting one is evidence that this was more a snipe-hunt than the election of a President. The fix was in, including with Covid-19 faux near-hysteria sponsored as highly effective cover by Biden’s party, Big Media and Big Tech.
Second, it was as early as election night and into the following early morning that evidence of apparent voter fraud revealed itself. At its core was bulk entry of illegal ballots hugely favoring Biden.
The official cover story of the JFK assassination was challenged when the 8MM color home movies of Abraham Zapruder were sold to Life magazine. The shocking, if not worse, Frame 313 of the “kill shot” would today force a completely different government cover-story.
Likewise, Americans now have the infamous video of poll workers and officials in the Georgia voting precinct tally room during the wee-hours of November 4th. No matter the resulting and markedly creative “explanations” of those videos by the Biden / Big Media cabal, what election veterans have attested to is fraud of an extraordinary mix.
Third, we now know as well that what happened in Georgia was not a one-off. Credible reports from Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania spotlight mail balloting, computer manipulation, or other fraud.
Fourth, a pre-election smoking gun is the refusal of any Big Media card-carrier to report, much less aggressively pursue, the New York Post blockbuster on October 14th detailing Hunter Biden’s criminal role in his father’s corrupt family influence-peddling business in Ukraine, China and possibly other nations.
After proudly ignoring or trashing the story for two months, these malefactors suddenly went public with it well AFTER the election. Tucker Carlson’s report only days ago details this bogus awakening of and by Big Media:
We now arrive at my dread about what all of this may mean.
The core of America’s political left has certainly exposed itself as avowed enemies of its opposite political side. Now, however, there is a distinctive hatred lacing that intention by way of such groups as Antifa, BLM, Big Tech and Big Media.
As some of us have lived long enough to know if not remember, today’s hyper-partisanship is new. Thanks particularly to Big Media and Big Tech, it is dangerous as hell.
Precisely where the CIA, U. S. Justice Department, malign foreign actors, Big Media, Big Tech, etc., etc., fit in this treachery we cannot yet precisely know. Neither can we ignore its reality.
For now, no matter anything else, this is what is of greatest importance to me: of the two historical events – the assassination of President Kennedy and the installation of Biden into the Oval Office – the Biden op is far, far more dangerous to our nation.
Along with what are now many, many others, I believe Kennedy was killed as the CIA acted to settle a score with him involving the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in April 1961. (Yes, the actual murder fell to organized crime and some lesser others.)
Regardless the carefully tended lies told by our government, there seemed no broad danger to the nation. (That came soon after in the Cuban Missile Crisis.)
What happened on November 3rd is much different: it likely will take a miracle for supporters of President Trump to again believe in our national government.
In the fullness of time, we will learn the specifics of what just happened to our nation.
Personally, it is my simple hope that those who love America – and there are many living here who do not, we now understand – are finally awake.
Our next test will be the two U. S. Senate elections in Georgia on January 5, 2021.
© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Springfield, Massachusetts, November 20, 2020: “Search for JFK assassination Truth Ruined the Lives of a Prosecutor and a TV Star”
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