With each passing day, more and more Americans are learning details of the rottenness at the core of Joe Biden’s supposed election as President. Unless and until our Supreme Court acts to help, American greatness will suffer mightily.

As if that danger staring us down is not frightening enough, the work of what used to be Fox News shifts to the work of one of its prime-time programs, Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Two of Carlson’s network-leading reports now command a huge portion of America’s real-news center stage, along with Biden’s election fraud.

To date and to my knowledge, only The Epoch Times and Axios News have joined Carlson in reporting how the Chinese government infiltrated the United States Congress …

… yes, you read that correctly: infiltrated the United States Congress.

The turncoat Congressman at issue is a member of the U. S. House Intelligence Committee (chaired by hard-left Congressman Adam Schiff), and was a candidate for the 2020 Democrat nomination during the primaries.

Here are Carlson’s reports on what has befallen America, as a mind-numbing list of responsible U. S. government officials and agencies have pointedly remained silent:

As these facts and details sink in, I am nauseated to ponder how our mainstream media and law enforcers / prosecutors have empowered this treachery.

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