Another Mayoral Embarrassment: A list of Ollie Tyler’s sponsors.

Ollie Tyler continues to embarrass hardworking Caddo taxpayers.  Today’s press conference, designed to give the appearance that Shreveport’s rising violent crime rates are somehow under control, only proved the ineptitude of the administration.  The press conference about crime featured several local officials and law enforcement personnel.  Notably, Crime Stoppers executive director Jim Taliaferro was at the dais.  When the subject of Crime Stoppers came up, Tyler stopped Taliaferro from fielding the question (which was in an effort to aide her), because she did not know who he was or what he was doing there.  Taliaferro very professionally handled himself given the cringeworthy situation.  The video can be found thanks to KSLA>>>> HERE.

From our city water billing scandal, the secretive new arena plot underway, the sharp rise in violent crime, the trash tax attempt and far too many more issues to mention… the pile of bad acting and ineptitude from City Hall is becoming quite the body count from the mayor.

It’s my belief that our problem is much farther upstream than whoever is placed in the mayor’s seat.  We need to remember that she’s a representative of those who have special interest in seeing our city suffer in this malaise for one reason or another (usually money).  We would all be well served to keep in mind that those who continue to gift us with bad leadership like this need to explain why they paid up to contribute to Tyler’s successful mayoral campaign.  For ease, I have linked those contributors from the Louisiana Ethics Administration’s website (here).  A more readable and organized format can be viewed HERE >>>>>>>OllieTylerSearchResults_2017_8_17

With another mayoral election in the near future, it will be important for all of us to see who these same sponsors line up behind next… The rest of us certainly don’t have the luxury of continuing this spiral into chaos.

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