UPDATE: Allegations of Theft & Coverup at Woodlawn High School by Informant

Information Requested: 9:25AM. Thursday, March 10, 2016.

Theft at Woodlawn High School?

I have received a report from a person who wishes to remain anonymous of a theft of $20,000 by unnamed employees in the administration of Shreveport’s Woodlawn High School.

This source reports that Superintendent Goree and his top staff have opted to cover-up the theft in exchange for return of the money, i.e., have chosen not to report the theft to the Shreveport Police Department. Such would be, of course, aiding and abetting any such crime.

Two days ago, I wrote Caddo Superintendent Goree for confirmation. I have received no response, which – as I have learned – he will, if ultimately necessary, blame on school closings during the storms, or something else. In any case, I have independently notified other sources and asked for additional help in confirming or refuting the report.

A cover-up, according to this source, is intended to “protect” the Transformation Zone initiative of the school board and administration. I would add that any such cover-up would also likely be viewed by the school administrators and some CPSB members as a help in passage of its latest tax package to be voted on next month.

To anyone who has any additional details, please respond by FB message, or email: evetsmanagement@msn.com. If anyone can confirm the theft, they should do so with the SPD. Any and all information may also be shared with me, anonymously, if preferred.

I have confirmed the fact of the theft of public funds at Woodlawn High School.
I thank Liz Morace at The Inquisitor for contacting me with the confirmation. The employee is a bookkeeper who was reportedly escorted off the Woodlawn campus by CPSB officials when confronted. Neither Superintendent Goree nor his “public relations / marketing” personnel have responded to related calls for information.
Ms. Morace confirms that further details can be expected in their publication, available on newsstands this evening, and (for subscribers) online tomorrow.
I am aware that local television media are also working on the story.
It was the CPSB intention to “handle” the theft internally. That plan, we can safely bet, disappeared when I emailed Superintendent Goree about the matter two days ago.

Elliott Stonecipher

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