… Friday, December 8, 2017 … 11:02 A.M. …

At yesterday’s regular Caddo Commission meeting, members working for the Democrat Party’s agenda successfully voted … for international “net neutrality.”

In a strike against himself, the Commissioner who originally took point in this Democrat op – Mario Chavez, who says he is a Republican – was not in attendance. Thus, he did not vote on that for which he passionately argued three days ago.

Mr. Chavez’ partner in the op, Commissioner Steven Jackson, is a political partner of ex-Mayor Cedric Glover.

The “net neutrality” position a majority of our Commissioners fully support is a leftover policy from and by President Obama’s appointees to the Federal Communications Commission.

Unless and until we know better, we must assume that some local Dems in hiding were behind this Commission demonstration of politically partisan noses stuck where they do not belong.

Given that the Commission officially (but not really) includes as many “Republicans” as Democrats – six of each – the Dems had to have Republican help to pass this show of political grandstanding and water-carrying.

Here is the scorecard of how the six supposed Republicans voted:

1. Voting FOR the measure along with all six Dems …

… Matthew Linn
… Jim Smith

2. Co-sponsoring the Dem effort, but absent for the vote …

… Mario Chavez

3. Republicans voting with and FOR their party …

… Mike Middleton
… John Atkins
… Doug Dominick

As to the supposed meaning of this D.C. political yuck, here are opening paragraphs of online articles by recognized Democrat (liberal) and Republican (conservative) publications:

1. The Washington Post:

“The Federal Communications Commission took aim at a signature Obama-era regulation Tuesday, unveiling a plan that would give Internet providers broad powers to determine what websites and online services their customers see and use.”

2. The American Conservative:

“The Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) recent vote to begin the process of undoing an Obama-era power grab is the right solution for putting consumers—not lobbyists and lawmakers—in the innovation driver’s seat.”

As an aside, I note that Commission President Steven Jackson, who ran yesterday’s meeting, describes absent Commissioners as “not in the chamber” on every vote.

No matter how cute Mr. Jackson may believe such is, repeatedly reading into the official Commission record that an absent member is merely “not in the Chamber” is deceitful, not to mention directly contrary to the public interest.

As one more aside, it is my abiding hope that no Commissioner received any compensation of any kind – promises of campaign funds included – for joining in this nauseating display.

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