As I continue my research into an entirely different subject, I write to dispose of a nagging misunderstanding about my work, and to share a notable update from KTBS-TV News.

* * * * * * * *

I recently received a message from an angry reader to which I simply must respond.

‘Long story short, this person mailed me (to a wrong address) their written dressing-down because I had not “reported” the deplorable – they believe – actions of a Shreveport elected official, actions I learned about, but did not write about, many months ago.

The person did not include a return address, email address, phone number or any other way to reach them, of course.

In the process of sharing their hatred toward the subject official, this writer took me to task for not doing a better job of “reporting” local corruption, ultimately blaming all of “us” in the news media for our own corruption (my word).

For any who may not know, I am not a professional journalist … “reporter.” I have no one assisting me with this work, and am in NO way paid for any part of it. My decision to begin doing this years ago was based in my certain, personal knowledge that MUCH of the public corruption veritably killing our city is never reported … very deliberately so.

Importantly, very few local news reporters are responsible for that fact. They report on stories assigned to them by higher-ups. It has been my experience that local reporters suffer as many of the rest of us do by the systemic cover-up of local public corruption.

That last statement is one I have proven and written about here … many, many times.

Finally, and I underscore this, the writer very clearly never considered that the subject of their anger – the corrupt acts of the public official at issue – can only be called a howler! Here, for that reader, is a news flash: corruption here is far, far, far worse than you know or would believe!

Everyone who cares can rest assured that I am doing ALL I know to do to “report” the facts and truth about our runaway public corruption. Too, anyone who cares to share such facts with me is welcome to email me at evetsmanagement@msn.com.

* * * * * * * *

I again thank KTBS-TV News for its reporting on the recent actions of City Councilman James Green at a local eyewear store. Police Chief Ben Raymond asserts that Green is not receiving special treatment. I disagree. Here is the story update:


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