To the many of you who are new to my work, I write these personal messages from time-to-time. Given that my FB page is not a public one, these have always proved very helpful to readers.

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As promised, I have been working to add more and more Friends to this effort, especially given the 150-ish still asking to come aboard. I have added many in recent days. Sadly, I have learned, there are many “plants” among these new Requests, each traceable to the Adrian Perkins faction in City Hall, and/or national Democrat interests. Please be patient. The process is much more sensitive than ever before.

* * * * * * * *

VERY importantly, I repeat … no matter how much pressure Perkins and his crew may apply, I will not release the names of those who helped our group confirm the subject events four days ago. Identifying SPD personnel with whom we communicated might well cost them their jobs.

Perhaps most dramatically, the racial split within SPD means there are many employees there who are this mayor’s very own force. That point was proven in the handling of the subject DUI.

It is my hope and purpose to work with federal and/or state investigators in this context, and in a list of other matters related to this mayor’s City Hall team and other associates.

* * * * * * * *

In retribution for this work, the wife of a top City Hall employee close to Perkins has publicly (and actionably) charged in writing that I am a “white supremacist.” She, like her husband, is a public employee. I honestly believed, until now, that I had been called every godawful name known to humanity. I never even thought of this one … for the most obvious reason.

* * * * * * * *
Perkins is stressing my remark in earlier articles about the like, widely discussed, incident on April 5th. As I wrote in that context:

“Again, he was supposedly stopped after leaving a popular local restaurant and bar.

No confirmation of that report is known to me or my sources, either.”

The subject business has a current Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control license to serve liquor, while serving coffee, etc., as well.

I have no idea if that place was open that night. For all we know, Perkins could have been drinking in his nearby condo before he drove the wrong way on a one-way street and was pulled over.

Regardless all denials and deflections, the very loud point and question stands: was a key promotion within SPD tied to making that early-April incident / reports / records go away?

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