Shape of Shreveport Launch Video

Date: Jan 15 2016
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Shape of Shreveport Launch Video

Shape of Shreveport is a series concept of stories created by Will & Jim Broyles to bring an educational, entertaining historically relevant set of stories to public attention. Directed by Chris Charles Scott and produced by Chris Lyon, these first four episodes are stories that anyone from all walks of life can relate to and take pride in. Shreveport & Bossier City, LA comprises an area rich in history from the original Caddo-Adai tribal settlement to the clearing of the 180 mile log jam along the Red River known as the “Great Raft”.

Today, Shreveport has overcome so much, and still has lots of room to grow. This small city in the corner of Louisiana never quits, and the stories throughout history make up the DNA of why people from this area are such a blend of some of the greatest characteristics any other city could wish to have. Shape of Shreveport dives into the innovative, resilient, visionary, dedicated and event tragic figures who made this place what it is today.

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