The shooting / killing yesterday of a 19-year old at St. Vincent Mall certainly caught my attention … especially given that earliest media reports had so few details available.

My thanks to KTBS-TV News for its update, linked below. It now seems the 22-year-old shooter, Treyvious Dotie, and the 19-year-old victim, Bryan Theus, knew each other before the shoot-out.

My search does not find a Facebook page for Dotie, but does find one for a Bryan Theus.

We now await confirmation, or not, that the shooting was gang-related. To my knowledge, the Shreveport Dillard’s has not previously been the site of such violence.

I cannot imagine the Shreveport Police Department having fewer patrol officers actually “on the streets” than it currently has … no matter any supposed reason for a reduction.

Here is the updated KTBS News report:

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