Wednesday, April 15, 2019 … 8:10 A.M.

On January 26th, I wrote and posted an article about “notable and questionable” campaign contributions to Mayor Adrian Perkins. Then, in a follow-up article two weeks ago (SEE link below), I (again) specifically noted one such Perkins haul:

… “One reported contribution – $4,500 from Kyle Bass of Texarkana, AR – was above the $2,500 contribution limit for a “district office” in any single reporting period. According to its website, Belt Construction, Inc., is a municipal utility contractor, and Bass is its President.”

Now, and thankfully, that contribution has caught the attention of local news media. Last night, the station aired this report by Gerry May:…/article_1d8054ae-7374-11e9-863c-b783…

Gerry’s report, along with closing comments by anchor Jeff Beimfohr, well detail evidence of Shreveport City Hall’s culture of corruption.

All eyes should now focus on City Councilman John Nickelson, who made this comment in the report:

“If the decision were mine, I would give serious consideration to banning political contributions to mayoral and City Council candidates by contractors who do business with the City.”

I urge readers to contact Councilman Nickelson in pursuit of the contribution ban he describes.

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