In the fullness of time, I may find within me the words, and in the correct order, to express what I now feel. Unless and until then, I offer only these.

For we who have long wondered where our once great nation has been headed, we now know: chaos and shame. Regardless that one political party may seek to claim the high ground, we know better.

The few committed evil-doers of yesterday in our nation’s Capitol must, I believe, be hellbound. Their rampage demonstrated for all the world to see just how far America has fallen.

Soon to be ex-President Donald Trump will, of course, bear the brunt of our national revilement. Thus, it now falls to Joe Biden to prove his political left is different … different to its core … a true lover of all America. I wish him good luck while admitting I have little confidence such will prove true.

The Republican Party will now seek to rebuild. It will do so with a national “news media” which is in no way believable, and which has long added to our once great nation’s worst side and slide. Shame on these self-serving manipulators of fact and truth! They failed our nation as they failed themselves.

We now look to the United States Senate would-be leaders to protect America and its people. Equally divided in number, it is there that we may expect to see if and how the nation pulls itself from the pit of hell its “leaders” and evil-doers have fashioned for us.

It now falls to America’s free and fair people to hold all self-professing leaders to a new and much higher standard. We will do so with nations of enemies having infiltrated much if not all our government.

All American people must remember: what we witnessed yesterday may just as easily prove to be a new normal as a bottom from which our nation finally arises.

Clearly, only few of our nation’s elected leaders are poised to help us.

© 2021 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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