As might be expected – and as some regrettable messages to me confirm – some FB Friends do not know the facts surrounding this page … who I am … who it is that does this work.

I am a Christian. That explains most of what I believe, and is at the core of how I think and write.

I am a devout American … not an off/on one, not an accidental one. My American devotion is far more than the mere fact that I was born here.

I am conservative, and am a registered Independent, a.k.a. “Other” as we are legally tagged here in my native and home state.

I have long studied – and in important ways lived – our nation’s history. What is now legally recognized (and governed) as America is NOT the nation of that history.

I oppose the beliefs and practices of a majority of the nation’s newly proclaimed “leaders.” In particular, I oppose the whims, fancies and corrupt natures of so many who are agents and mouthpieces of those proclaimed “leaders.”

Regardless any of that, my opposition to those people will always be legal and open.

As has been true from the very start of this work a decade ago, I pay all costs of it. I am paid by no one … not so much as a penny … for anything.

I pay the tab in direct and purposeful opposition to the untold thousands of talking heads in New York, Washington and elsewhere who prostitute themselves, financially and ideologically, to (dishonestly) influence us.

It matters to me greatly that patriots of America’s Continental Army fought (if not died) without pay, no matter promises to the contrary.

* * * * * * * *

Here, I share three notable article links:

… First, a Tuesday article from the New York Post concerning a New Year’s Eve mob – now identified as Antifa rioters – in Philadelphia:

… Second, a Thursday article by USA Today identifying a “QAnon shaman” from Florida among those who stormed our Capitol Building on Wednesday:

… Third, an article this morning from Fox News identifying a Black Lives Matter / “BLM” agent among the Capitol rioters:

My point is this: unless and until government law enforcement and other officials – whether local, state, federal or any mix of them – PROVE they do and always will enforce all laws equally, the violence may well continue.

Remember everyone: untold millions of Americans have watched for months as Antifa / BLM destroyers have boldly / openly / loudly / laughingly destroyed large areas of some of our cities as law enforcers were attacked or stood down.

I see no difference between the hate-filled rampaging of Antifa / BLM / QAnon: each aspires to irreparably damage this nation. That is a fact. Why, then, have not all three been taken apart by now?!

* * * *

Finally, there is this stunner released this morning, from and by well-respected, black House of Representatives Majority Whip James Clyburn who believes “there is something else going on here”:

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