Saturday, April 28, 2018 … 9:54 P.M.

No one who has lived in Shreveport very long needs to be told that property taxes – mainly who gets to vote them on whom – are not fair. The rest of the story, we also know, is “fair” has nothing to do with it.

The six propositions on the ballot Saturday passed by margins of about two-to-one, with turnout at a City Hall insider-heavy 8%.

The core attraction was (supposed) money for fire, police and other city employees, and (supposed) money for streets. The money will actually land, in fact, who knows where.

The pro-property tax mind-set in Shreveport is well-known: the city has at or near the highest property taxes in Louisiana, and much higher than other areas in the out-of-state region.

Throw in our state income tax (which Texas does not have), and those steadily fleeing the city score serious tax cuts in their new nearby place … be it Caddo Parish outside Shreveport, Bossier, DeSoto or many places in East Texas.

City “leadership” is not worried in the least about out-migration – the city’s population is some 11,000 fewer than in 1980 – proving they do not know the like history of New Orleans over the several decades prior to Hurricane Katrina.

These taxes were supported by every heard voice in City Hall (of course), the Chamber of Commerce, the Committee of 100, the Downtown Development Authority, the local newspaper, and a list of wealthy locals always on point for taxes and spending.

I know of no local elected official who stood against the taxes, and City Councilman Willie Bradford made sure everyone heard his charge that all who oppose local taxes are racists.

As has been proven more than once recently, voters in Caddo Parish as a whole do not share Shreveport’s love of property and other taxes. That is notable because the Caddo Parish Commission – now and again stained by newfound evidence of corrupt Commissioners – is set to go for taxes in a like election, soon.

Next up in Shreveport is a mind-numbing, unthinkable $1 billion-taxpayer funded development on Cross Bayou … not to mention a mayoral election.

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