Website Update

Real Shreveport was started as a way to provide more for our community. We have featured much of the work of Elliott Stonecipher, and now we are trying to add even more features to benefit our community. We have a newly updated website that you can find by clicking on “New RSHV Website” on the original site, or by visiting We wanted to maintain the original site for those of you who are here for the vital information from Elliott and myself in the realm of local political news. As we have now entered into providing AP news, Sports and more, you can find that all on the new website. You will also find online releases of the award winning Shape Of Shreveport series on the new site, as well as a way to sign up for emails so we can send periodic updates about what is going on at the website. There will be additional features and rollouts on the new site. Again, this is all in an effort to enhance the work already done, most prominently of course, Elliott Stonecipher’s. Thanks for your continued presence here and staying informed about the Shreveport community we love.

– Will Broyles

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