EXCLUSIVE: Wainwright & Pernici Sue City of Shreveport… and Other Developments… and One Bit of Good News…

Saturday, October 15, 2016 ….. 8:25 AM …..

I received from Michael Wainwright last night, by email, a copy of the lawsuit he and business partner Scott Pernici filed yesterday against the City of Shreveport. The subject is, of course, their apparently scorched-earth battle against Mayor Ollie Tyler over an estimated $1,000,000 under-billing of some city water users.

Wainwright and Pernici contend they discovered the problem, which they then reported to the Tyler Administration in return for a hoped-for reward / fee of hundreds-of-thousands of taxpayer dollars, if not more as Mayor Tyler suggests.

Sand Beach Properties, LLC, is the Plaintiff in the suit against the city. The Louisiana Secretary of state shows that to be the business of Pernici and Wainwright, located in Shreveport:


The 40-page lawsuit – Caddo Parish First Judicial District Court Docket #596,181-A – is a restatement of the full history, according to Plaintiffs, of the water under-billing, the “discovery” of the City Hall failure, and the claim for compensation by Wainwright and Pernici.

Mayor Tyler, stung by the public exposure of her administration’s major goof, believes she and the City were subjected to criminal demands by Wainwright and Pernici when the compensation they feel they were due was not given them.

READ THE LAWSUIT HERE>>>>>>Wainwright & Pernici Lawsuit 10-14-16

In other developments:

….. A related version of these (pre-lawsuit) events by Scott Pernici was detailed in a letter he earlier wrote to the Shreveport Times, which it published in its online edition yesterday. I did not see that letter in time to include it in my first Update to this story. So, here and now is the link to that statement for those who are able to view it in the online Times:


….. Readers will note in Pernici’s letter his claims that the City of Shreveport has “rolled forward” the property tax millages of taxpayers for 2016.

A “roll forward” by the City Council and Mayor would negate any cut in property taxes which might occur if a property owner’s assessment by the Caddo Parish Tax Assessor had fallen in his recent and mandated four-year reassessment of all taxable property in Caddo Parish.

In fact, however, such a “roll-forward” did not occur. In fact, the City’s property tax millage will be, for 2016, about one-third-of-a-mill lower than for 2015 … just over 36.29-mills. That conclusion is based on our research into official Minutes of City Council meetings in recent months at which subject millage votes were cast by the City Council. The millage for the City of Shreveport in 2015 was 36.65-mills.

Not included is the millage for the Downtown Development District, paid only by taxpayers within those boundaries.


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