Saturday, January 14, 2017 … 10:27 A.M.

A primary source has alerted me that in a request to the Commission for resumes of all applicants for the interim appointment to Ken Epperson’s now-open seat, only the resume of his appointment choice, “Kay” Proby-Waller, was withheld.

I cannot yet add any information about why that occurred.

Also, Shreveporter Scott Hughes has contacted me about Epperson’s long (self) service on the Commission.

Hughes says Epperson did not pick a one-term “seat-warmer” due to having been term-limited out of office. Rather, he was able to stay in office for most of his adult life by serving long stints as Commissioner from two different election districts.

The information I used in my description did not provide the detail Hughes cites. The “seat warmer” practice, however, is particularly noteworthy in a key aspect of the Commission’s criminal conspiracy known simply as “CPERS.”

(I have not publicly detailed certain of those facts. Neither have I yet detailed how certain powerful locals,”self-anointed leaders” as I refer to them, continue to provide social, financial, legal, and political cover to guilty Caddo Commissioners.)

In 2013, Commissioners asked Caddo voters to change their term “limits” to five terms – yes, a “limit” of 20 uninterrupted years in power! Caddo voters rejected that mind-numbing attempt.

I wrote about that noxious op at the time. I explained, specifically, how Caddo Commissioners were thereby competing to join such dictators as Vladimir Putin, now-dead Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, and Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni. Here is that article:


Regardless of any of this, my point stands: Epperson has plied his twisted trade at the Commission for 20 of the past 24 years, and did so by pernicious means.

For the record, I have not confirmed the information from Mr. Hughes.

I note, too, that neither Epperson nor anyone else has contacted me for clarification / correction of anything included in yesterday’s article.

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