COMMENT … Monday, August 21, 2017 …9:55 P.M. …

As Mayor Ollie Tyler’s sports arena ridiculousness rises to new definitions and levels of bad governance, I encourage everyone to remember that the City Council’s initial vote is tomorrow.

Put another way, the hooey from today’s Council work session may very well be “new again” tomorrow. Such is the world of Tyler and the Sports Commission which is running this op.

For our City Council, I make a suggestion with very real respect for the position members hold in our City Charter and government …

… Mayor Tyler and the Sports Commission have had the information about the hooey concerning a $100 million “sports complex” for a very long time, but passed it out today – publicly – a mere 21 days before Council members will vote on it finally … September 12th, or so they say.

Out in the real world, no self-respecting citizenry or legislative branch would take that as anything but an insult. They would kill this thing right here and now. That is the stuff of cities of 5,000 or less, not 195,000.

(My apologies to all who are reading this as it disappears in chunks, thanks to whatever is “out there” from Facebook.)

The appropriate and respectable response to all of this is for the City Council to kill this entire thing in their vote tomorrow. This need go no further.

We also learned, to make the case even more strongly, that the mayor has had another $2,000,000 to $3,000,000 per year to spend on real needs – from Riverfront Development Funds. Now she plans to use that to pay off bonds for this “sports” fiasco.

We should no longer dance Mayor Tyler’s tune. Let’s hope the City Council finishes this insanity tomorrow.

Elliott Stonecipher

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