In its subject article over the weekend, The Epoch Times details the outrageous actions of various Big Tech bad actors (think Amazon, Google, Apple, etc.) in doing their best to kill a competitor, social networking alternative Parler.

I am not on Parler, but as I write it has gone black, awaiting a rebuild, according to founder and CEO John Matze. Matze stresses that being dumped by Big Tech censors and crooks has now spread to other lessor vendors, and its absence may be longer than expected.

Until it was illegally and maliciously targeted by these hitters, Parler was the dominant social networking choice of users who had declared personal poxes on the censorship houses of Big Tech / Big Media.

Twitter, of course, got the censorship ball rolling as never before in American history by banning the nation’s sitting President from its platform, both Trump’s personal and campaign accounts.

What we do not yet know, oh by the way, is how much money Parler was costing its Big Tech enemies. It was, put simply, growing far too fast for these anti-American leftists to allow.

A LOT of us would kick-off our response to all of this by first hitting the Off switch on Twitter. Here are the two paragraphs in The Epoch Times which I noted in the title of this piece:

“Twitter’s move to remove Trump’s account has received widespread scrutiny. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, State Secretary Mike Pompeo, and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley likened Twitter’s move to conduct by the communist party ruling China.”


“On Jan. 1, the deputy spokesperson for the State Department Cale Brown captured a Twitter post by the new leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps who was threatening U.S. officials. THE IRANIAN OFFICIAL’S ACCOUNT IS STILL ACTIVE ON TWITTER.”

Dear Readers, please understand:

… Twitter censored / removed the President of the United States from its platform, AND

… Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is in no way censored by Twitter.

Let us remember that one piece of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps is the infamous-evil Quds Force which reports directly to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei. If America is to be attacked – if not outright disappeared – by any place in the world, it is most likely to be Iran.

Not to be left out, China is also a Twitter favorite. That is included in The Epoch Times article, and here is the link:

Not everyone is ignoring this soon-to-be Biden Administration swallowing of Twitter insanity. A prime example is David Marcus at the Federalist. His article two days ago is the best I have yet read in this new context:

For the sake of our nation, please pass this article to your friends and family. What we are living is more nightmarish by the day.

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