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29 Jan

Journalism and public outcry nets malfeasance conviction of Caddo Schools bookkeeper!

“A growing hope for Shreveport’s future exists when the public is given the truth AND see accountability take action…” News came out around noontime on Friday Jan. 26th that Bridget Lee, formerly a Woodlawn High School bookkeeper, pleaded guilty to ...

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Source: CPSB website | Realshreveport.com
24 Aug

What is Caddo School Boss Goree Running From? Hopefully Mansfield ISD Speaks Up.

Whether its attention he seeks during local flooding, back to school news features, editorials in the Shreveport Times or asking for tax increases from the public, Lamar Goree never misses a chance to get in a press conference or news ...

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Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator
04 May

Corruption Culture Keeps Caddoans Boiling Alive, Prator Proves It

For well over 5 (FIVE) weeks, Caddo Parish has largely and conspicuously not noticed that corruption is protected and served here by every single law enforcement agency of local import, at least as it pertains to the explosive charges leveled ...

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13 Apr

More Details of Woodlawn High School Theft, Cover-Up

April 13, 2016 Many questions remain unanswered about the theft of public funds at Woodlawn High School in Shreveport.  Such is no surprise, though, given the attempted cover-up, now evident, by top Caddo Parish School Board officials. My original articles ...

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