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18 Apr

Bond Bounty Pt 4: Bond Commission report shows Shreveport payoff to Washington is comparably huge!

In this series, we’ve demonstrated the incredible bond bounty paid by the City to certain local “co-bond counsel” and the willingness of City “leadership” to violate its own laws to keep the paydays coming.  In this article, we’re bringing to ...

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12 Apr

Bond Bounty Pt 3: Bond attorney fails to pay city taxes; City Hall poised to openly break malfeasance law

Shreveport City government is an onion of corruption.  You expose one layer only to find more lurking in the shadow. In my previous articles (here, here), I exposed the hundreds of thousands of dollars in payoff received as “co-bond counsel” for ...

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27 Mar

Shreveport municipal bonds a cash cow for politically connected attorneys

On March 13, 2018, the Shreveport City Council voted unanimously to pass Resolutions 22 and 23 of 2018 (see Minutes).  These resolutions authorize the City to hire professionals and then issue up to $120 million in water and sewer revenue ...

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