Thursday, May 14, 2020 … 2:42 P.M.

In a specially called meeting to name an interim District “A” City Council member to replace Willie Bradford, the choice of members is Tabatha H. Taylor.

Ms. Taylor will serve at least until a November 3rd regular election to replace Bradford. That election will fill the seat until regularly scheduled mayoral and City Council elections in 2022.

Taylor is a 1991 graduate of Southern University, will a degree in Mass Communications. On her resume, Taylor shows her employment as owner of DMT Agency, LLC, a workforce development provider. Taylor has owned the business since 2000.

Taylor stresses on her resume that she is an “advocate for autism and individuals with disabilities.”

The six members of the Council remaining after Bradford’s resignation elected Taylor unanimously for this six-month interim.

With this appointment, the City Council’s political party split, 4-3 Democrat, remains unchanged.

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