I am typical of America’s “boomer” generation, born between 1946 and 1964. I was on the front-end of the group … those who saw and lived the worst, as it were, our generation experienced.

I was born in 1951, a mere five years after the hottest-of-hot wars between America and its allies faced off against Germany / Japan and theirs.

Many of our fathers came home in no shape to have wives and children, but that is another story.

By 1951, the “cold” war had set in. The atomic bombs dropped on Japan in the late summer of 1945 saw to that.

In elementary school, I quickly came to understand that the Cold War was truly foreboding. Growing up as we did in the shadow of Barksdale Air Force Base made us particular targets for atomic bombs from Russia, or so we were taught.

Any doubts disappeared when the Cuban Missile Crisis, a few years later, literally drilled that into us. In school, we were drilled as necessary to learn how to dive under our desks or rush to our bottom-floor cafeteria far faster than without fear as our engine.

Many of us knew, too, what we were not being taught: such training would not actually matter if the Russians decided to take out the B-52 bombers at Barksdale. Regardless, we kept quiet.

As if to prove how serious these threats were to our young lives, I was 12 when President Kennedy was assassinated. Even had I known that his killing had all but nothing to do with the threat of “thermonuclear war,” the shock beyond our years would have been the same.

I was 16 when Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy were shot and killed and the months-later Democratic Party Convention loosed riots in Chicago … heavily televised for all to watch.

By then, the Vietnam War was one way or another taking some of my best friends away. I was 17 as I readied myself for whatever the military draft lottery might do to my life, and 18 when my very high draft lottery number meant I would not go there unless I enlisted.

At 18, I could vote the first time – finally! Today, a half-century-plus-a-year later, I bet I have a voting record about as good as any American. I simply cannot understand not voting. Neither can I understand still-and-alive vote-buying and other such manipulation.

Such remains a still an unthinkable, partisan American curse.

I was 23 when our nation’s corrupt ex-President Nixon was forced to give up that office, proving America’s good gals and guys, aided by uniquely American professional journalism, might still prevail.

Big picture, I have never misunderstood the battle between good and evil played out in any given human life. My faith taught me that lesson early, and my life to date dramatically confirms it. Thus, my father’s suicide and my son’s birth five years apart.

Yes, I have learned much in my American life stretching over many decades. Thus prepared for whatever comes, I say this with confidence and dread …

… what is happening to America today is more frightening than anything I have lived … no matter that it is actually little more than a partisan political stunt.

Featuring all I have seen, lived, studied and dreaded, today’s open and unmitigated abuse of the Rule of Law is something I never saw coming. Lest any misunderstand, I mean by those three words what the Oxford English Dictionary definition says:

… “The authority and influence of law in society, especially when viewed as a constraint on individual and institutional behavior.”

It is no coincidence that we are – right now – watching a strategic neutering of police forces as the Rule of Law is in some places openly ridiculed if not ignored, then removed.

The claim that such insanity traces to how many cops are themselves criminals is itself crazier than crazy. Such police officers should be, and routinely are, removed and / or prosecuted.

Why, then, would any nation permit the removal of its major cities’ police forces? Why use the news media and various public officials in on the deal to sell the obvious lie that race-specific behavior is the issue or culprit?

The orchestration of this attack on what I dare call “my America” is unlike anything I have ever seen … or knew to fear. It is far beyond mere politics.

Did I believe I would live to see a second civil war in America? Never.

Regardless, is this it?

Yes … but only if police forces are by any ways or means removed / neutered / sidelined.

© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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