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The Shreveport Times announced late yesterday that its historical archive of Shreveport Times and Shreveport Journal newspapers has been transferred to the Shreve Memorial Library.

The archive includes Times editions back to 1871, and Journal newspapers back to the the 1890s.

Shreve Memorial, according to the comments of Times Editor Jeff Gauger, will maintain both the actual newspapers and their microfilmed record.

(For the record, Mr. Gauger became involved in this chapter of local history late in the process. His predecessor, Alan English, kicked it off.)

Here and elsewhere, such a written history of a place is, quite simply, valuable beyond measure.

Be that as it may, we very nearly lost the treasure-trove.

Although there was no mention of it in the subject article, the pressure initially and consistently applied by Shreveporter Will Broyles deserves a lot of the credit for the archive’s preservation.

A few of the facts related to Will’s effort can be read in an article he wrote for his website last November:…/

I hope Will Broyles writes more about this himself.

For my part, former Times Editor Alan English reached out to me months ago to help save the archive. I reached out to Will, in turn.

Quickly, Will found a good place here to preserve the archive, at his expense. He then began talking to English and others, as was I.

As the clock ticked, there was no progress. It soon became clear to me that Gannett officials and attorneys were not aboard.

English’s departure set-off the subject alarm.

As the Times relocation approached – out of its building where the archive was stored – we heard the archive would be moved “somewhere” out of state.

That may or may not have been accurate, but no one at The Times was talking by then.

Will then turned up the heat with articles on his website. Other locals who cared joined-in.

New editor Gaugher and Times President Judi Terzotis engaged … as the Times move to the American Tower stared us down.

I thank former Editor Alan English for contacting me, just as I thank Jeff Gaugher and Ms. Terzotis for doing whatever they did to cobble together a late deal involving their corporate bosses and our library system.

Meanwhile, back here at this ranch, my take is based on my personal knowledge and involvement …

… without Will Broyles’ engagement throughout, on our community’s behalf and at his expense, this archive would have ended up in an out-of-state Gannett storage facility … at best.

Also, without Will Broyles’ website – provided at his own costs – the public pressure necessary to save the archive would never have been applied.

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