Shreveport City Council elects new officers

SHREVEPORT, La. – The Shreveport City Council elected new officers for 2017 during its last regular session meeting of the year this evening.

As the end of the three hour-long meeting neared, District E councilman James Flurry was voted in as the new Chairman of the City Council. Then, councilman Jerry Bowman, Jr. of District G was nominated by Oliver Jenkins for Vice Chairman and so elected by the council.

Both Flurry and Bowman were unopposed for the leadership positions.

District F councilwoman Stephanie Lynch gave her remarks at the end of the meeting thanking this year’s elected council leaders for their service.

Soon to be former Chairman Willie Bradford, District A councilman, said he looks forward to continuing to work with Mayor Ollie Tyler’s administration for the duration of her term.

Councilman Flurry said he wants to see Shreveport improve during his time as chairman, and he hopes to continue to give people a platform to come and address the council as Chairman Bradford has done.

“I want to see Shreveport continue to grow, and make sure businesses know we care about them staying here,” Flurry said.

He also said he hopes to work closely with Mayor Tyler to oversee finances, and said Councilman Michael Corbin has agreed to stay on as chair of the finance committee.

City Council meetings are held at Government Plaza in downtown Shreveport, and agendas and minutes are available here.

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