Tuesday, December 31, 2019 … 1:30 P.M.

As 2020 moves in, honest Shreveport and Caddo Parish folks must hope “ring out the old and ring in the new” applies to local government.

What we must brace for, however, is “same ol’ same ol’.”

What follows are two current and timely examples of our affliction.


When Lynn Cawthorne managed a postponement of his corruption trial last October, he was facing 18 federal money laundering counts and his attorney had fallen ill.

With his trial just around the corner, Cawthorne would be wise to invest in his attorney’s good health.

U. S. Attorney David C. Joseph has now announced more indictments for different crimes … two counts of income tax fraud, specifically. (SEE link below.)

In his 2013 tax return, Cawthorne reported annual adjusted gross income of $7,555, with $9,529 reported on his 2014 return.

When originally indicted in 2018 for his long list of felonies, Cawthorne and his sister were charged for taking $536,000 from a taxpayer-funded program for feeding school children in summer months.

Cawthorne was flushed-out thanks to a Caddo Parish School Board whistleblower, “Bill Unsharpened,” about which I have repeatedly written since March 2016.

In a local, other-worldly embrace of public corruption, voters in Cawthorne’s Commission district re-elected him to another four-year term last fall.


When I first began reading the KTBS-TV reporting about serial flooding in the Meadowbrook Lane area in Southwest Shreveport, I cringed.

After all, as Kassandra Merritt’s report detailed, the exact same thing had happened to those residents last July.

Now and again, the City is crowing about how “fast” repairs were made in each instance, while residents there continue to press for a permanent solution.

Regardless how obvious a remedy that would seem, Ben Riggs, the “Communications Manager” for Mayor Perkins, waded into and through the muck and mud to sling a bunch of it on Shreveporters who voted “NO!” on the recent bond issue:

“KTBS also asked him (Riggs) what could be done to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He said possibly new pipes. He also added that the city does not have the money to pay for it right now and that was what the Shreveport bond proposal was supposed to help pay for.”

Yes … I kid you not … Ben Riggs really said that … likely with a straight face.

Let me remind him of a few facts …

… Shreveporters continue to pay far, far, far, far more than we should in water and sewer increases – and have been for years – for precisely such permanent water and sewer make-overs.

… Caddo District Judge Mike Pitman has just ruled that water users are (and long have been) serially and knowingly and purposefully overbilled for those services by City Hall.

… The Department of Water & Sewer is sitting atop a rising mountain of our money, a surplus of some $45,000,000, in fact.

… We well know that mayors spend bond issue money we approve for whatever the heck they choose … NOT what our votes dictate … law be damned!

Mr. Riggs knows all of this very well.

Clearly, he has no respect for the folks on Meadowbrook Lane, or the others of us who pay his salary and the rest of City Hall’s bills.

© 2019 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

U. S. Attorney David Joseph on latest Cawthorne indictments:…/former-non-profit-organization-pr…

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