… Posted: Friday, November 15, 2019 … 9:47 A.M. …


Many who read this article have been as concerned as I about its subject.

I did the research and writing, but these many others joined in my warnings and supported this effort over almost two years.

Our warnings, from the jump, have been about Adrian Perkins … not as a man, but as an unqualified and wholly inexperienced operative of a leftist political party.

Now, Mayor Perkins has done what his sponsors and handlers sent him here to do … officially act against the interests of many Shreveport citizens and taxpayers, to our embarrassment.

‘No news.

We who have fought this fight for Shreveport against the election of this mayor were in no way surprised when he acted as he has over the past few days.

A Republican President of the United States came to Bossier City to speak to a gathering of tens-of-thousands of partisan supporters. In doing so, our mayor’s veil was lifted.

The rally was held as near to Shreveport as the width of Red River, with traffic backed-up well into our city, but Perkins could find no public safety concern serious enough to provide police and other city support.

He ordered police and fire personnel to stand down.

At nearly the last minute, Perkins’ infamous and always-hidden handlers instructed him to back down, albeit it only by tiny resentful bits, and only after our Caddo Parish Sheriff stepped in.

Perkins’ behavior is anything but surprising to those of us who took time to study his staggering absence of qualifications to be Shreveport mayor.

Perkins is, we knew as soon as he found his way back here, a political operative coincidentally acting as Shreveport mayor.
Perkins is a Democrat. The President of the United States is a Republican. Enough said for our mayor.
In fact, it did not even matter to Perkins that as a retired U. S. Army officer, how he acted in this awfulness would be even more hotly spotlighted.
One might imagine that even if Perkins could stiff a United States President as our mayor, he simply could not as a military officer.

Be all this as it may, the other notable part of this story is the manner in which many pols and entertainment media people suddenly discovered that Perkins may effectively destroy Shreveport.

“Perkins,” they scream as they scurry around this political theater, “is stiffing our President!!”
Yes, Perkins did that to a point … but where the hell have you been?!
Yes, political extremists are an ugly breed … and impossible to miss.

* * * * * * * *

Our city is about to vote on a $186,000,000 bond issue that will, if passed in tomorrow’s election, push our debt up to $1.2 BILLION.
Bondholders take heed: Shreveport can in no way justify or handle such proportionate debt.

Many who have opposed Perkins in the past have now decided all or parts of that debt are OK with them … because it will fund some project or another they want.
Now, we cannot be sure who opposes this mayor and his service to one political party, because too many of us now, from hiding, support his insane bond issue.
The bond issue is mostly scam. If it passes it will supercharge corruption. A few people here will get rich, as usual.
Shreveport will sing its last song of legitimacy.

We who truly care, and are steadfast in doing so, know what tomorrow’s vote actually means.

© 2019 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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