Shreveport at the Crossroads – A look back.

Rev. William Hull was the pastor of First Baptist Church in Shreveport from 1975 to 1987. He passed away on December 10, 2013.

Probably his most famous sermon given while in Shreveport was “Shreveport at the Crossroads”. This look back at the text of his sermon in 1977, shortly after the arrest and subsequent death of George D’Artois, before he could stand trial for his involvement in the murder of Jim Leslie, sent shockwaves through the establishment of Shreveport. As almost forty years have passed, Shreveport inarguably finds itself suffering from many of the same issues that Rev. Hull proclaimed to be a “crisis” in 1977.

We wanted to share this so the newest generation of Shreveporters can gain perspective of the challenges ahead, as well as potentially avoid a similar fate as the generations preceding them. This is the first sermon in a three part series that will be published on

Click the link below to access the PDF format of “Shreveport at the Crossroads”.
Shreveport At The Crossroads

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