Monday, March 20, 2017 … 11:15 P.M.

Of the hundreds of thousands living in Northwest Louisiana, a tiny few know the importance of what the KTBS Television News team, led by the reporting of Shon Gables, began airing tonight.

What I write here is anything but a normal article from me on local corruption. This is of great significance to me, regardless that there is yet so much I cannot write.

Readers of my articles posted here and on very well know the emphasis I have always placed on the massive damage done to our community during two terms of former Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover.

The KTBS / Gables report tonight has begun exposing how that worked, focusing on Glover’s right- and left-hand man, Lynn Braggs.

As well, the report explains the ties of those relationships to current Mayor Ollie Tyler and her “governance” of our city.

Now-Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Brian Crawford has likewise and notably bridged the two administrations.

Along with a very few other Glover / Tyler inside-insiders, Mr. Braggs was key in both the election campaigns and city administrations since Glover took center stage in 2006.

Tonight’s report begins to explain what that meant to Glover. Such fits perfectly with like ops including his attempted killing of the LA Highway 3132 Extension for Bossier City Councilman and real estate developer Tim Larkin.

Another such Glover op was the hiring and bizarre support of financial advisor Calvin Grigsby.

Another was the hidden diversion of 2011 bond issue money specifically dedicated – by ballot language – for preservation of the Barnwell Center. Glover had a different riverfront project he, uh, personally preferred, and the illegal diversion of those funds ended the Barnwell’s remarkably positive existence.

Many, many more such examples relate to various projects also funded by 2011 bond issue money.

Now, we begin to see how the water / sewer under-billing scandal traces to Glover.

I have written many articles on these subjects, and been personally involved in extensive work – at my own expense – in trying to oppose Glover’s abuses. Examples include work to save the 3132 Extension, the outside audit of city work done by Grigsby, and how 2011 bond issue projects were, uh, handled.

Also of great importance, Glover was provided cover by key officials in various capacities, including former U. S. Senator Mary Landrieu … and media favoritism attached to her. Such explained much about how the former mayor was able to so openly ply his trade.

(For all those who have helped me through the years as I came to understand the subject damage and act against it, I thank you, most sincerely. That specifically includes one friend of 40 years who is no longer with us.)

Every person who cares what is happening to our place must set aside the time to follow this story … and let KTBS-TV and Ms. Gables know we support its continued development and reporting.

Such may go a long way toward the full and aggressive federal investigation which is so dramatically necessary.

Below is the link to tonight’s report, for which I personally thank Ms. Gables and others of the KTBS News team:

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