SAD & AWFUL STUFF: Caddo Commission at 2nd Circuit Court

January 12, 2017 … 7:20 A.M. (Updated: 8:26 A.M.)

Our 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal was well and truly introduced to a scary community truth yesterday: the Caddo Parish Commission feels no need – much less pressure – to follow the law or do the right thing … absolutely none.

They are a world to themselves … just ask their attorneys.

Shreveport Times reporter Lex Talamo writes:

“Whitney Pesnell, representing Stonecipher, told the three judges that commissioners have taken part in self-enrichment activities ‘illegally, unconstitutionally and without remorse’ and that Stonecipher has every right to sue over the situation and that the money contributed or reimbursed to commissioners should be repaid to the parish.”

As KSLA-TV shows in the solid, fact-loaded online story by Victoria Shirley, the award for clearness of understanding goes to appellate Judge Harmon Drew.

As Commission attorney Tom Arceneaux began his time to argue, Judge Drew’s incredulity was such that he quickly interrupted with the key question:

“‘Caddo Parish is going to sue itself or its Commissioners, is that what you are saying?'”

Yes, in fact, Judge Drew, THAT is precisely what the Commission is outrageously saying.

Arceneaux said it openly: individual Commissioners cannot be sued. The Caddo Commission cannot be sued. Only “the Parish of Caddo” can be sued. “Stonecipher has no right!”

The Parish of Caddo IS the Caddo Commission, Mr. Arceneaux! What you are arguing is to allow the corruption to stand. To allow Commissioners to keep their ill-gotten gains. Yours is an argument reflective of an inexpressible awfulness.

Arceneaux stood before three judges and made that “case” with a straight face … never retreating. And blaming me for having the temerity to “cause” it all.

Insanity. Corruption on steroids. Modern day lawlessness.

If honest, Arceneaux would simply have said: my job for the Commission is to make sure they keep what they stole. Period.

Here’s is the T R U T H: not one Commissioner has EVER offered to just give taxpayers our money back. They have done every known thing to prevent that recovery of our money, even going so far as to use a Protective Order from the lower court to defeat our attempts for legal discovery.

Let me repeat the key part of that: NO Commissioner has ever offered to return any of the money stolen from us.

Instead, they have spent another $140,000-plus of our money in attorney fees fighting to keep what was stolen.

We will learn the Court’s decision sometime later.

In the real world, as honest people know, this is public corruption on garish and open display. Public corruption which no responsible authority will touch. Public corruption left to the public to eradicate.

Public corruption which has become the hallmark of our place.

© 2016 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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