Thursday, October 11, 2018 … 7:40 P.M.

As I can personally attest, the buzz surrounding the mayoral candidacy of Adrian Perkins has been intense from the jump. Now, with first official campaign finance reports available for viewing online (SEE link below), the buzz is confirmed.

Perkins has raised more money than any other candidate between March 1st of this year and September 27th: $132,004. Runner-up is Mayor Ollie Tyler with contributions of $120,325.

It is true, of course, that money is the mother’s milk of politics, but that flow has been sharply unimpressive in this campaign.

Other “major” candidates have little to show, in context. In real contributions – “in-kind” contributions and loans not included – Jim Taliaferro has raised $31,415, Steven Jackson $25,306, and Lee O. Savage $9,855.

Savage has (personally) loaned his campaign another $21,247.

Tyler’s expenditures totaled $54,314, about the same as Perkins’ (reported) $60,037. Taliaferro has spent $25,058, Steven Jackson $7,715, and Savage $27,496.

As the fund-raising push from September 28th to election day November 6th kicked-off, Tyler had $93,558 on hand to spend, Perkins $71,967, Jackson $17,951, Taliaferro just under $6,957, and Savage $3,605.

Perkins, a 32-year-old supposed “next Barak Obama” is notable, according to my research of official voter registration records, for never before having voted in any election.

He is the new face of the political machine of State Senator Greg Tarver and an assortment of several-decades political players associated with former Governor Edwin Edwards.

Since gaining the attention of federal investigators in the City Hall water-sewer services scandal, Lynn Braggs, local political player-supreme (I’m being polite), jumped the ex-Mayor Cedric Glover-Mayor Ollie Tyler ship and moved over to Tarver-Perkins.

Braggs with Tarver-Perkins is a highly unlikely marriage given various highlights of their histories, so hope springs eternal that the feds are somehow at play in that alliance.

Be that as it may, the Republican Party’s game of having two candidates in the race – Taliaferro and Savage – looks in this reporting to be as self-defeating as many observers have predicted from the very beginning.

Here in the real world, the most notable race can now be said to be Tyler vs. Perkins, highlighting the chance of a run-off between the two black Democrat candidates.

What is outlined in this campaign finance reporting for Taliferro, Savage and Caddo Commissioner Steven Jackson is anything but positive.

Too, the rumored white support for Perkins bodes poorly not only for the Republicans, but also for Tyler. Much of that same (white) campaign money and other support was hers in 2014.

More broadly, as I wrote about in August (SEE link below), it is likewise notable that Tyler’s fund-raising and spending is far below what she accomplished in that 2014 win.

Sadly, all said, these numbers confirm just how little interest there is in this race … and office.

© 2018 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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