Yes, it is true: Caddo Parish libraries will close this coming Monday, no surprise since President Roosevelt, in 1937, set aside the second Monday in October as “Columbus Day.”

‘Problem is, our Shreve Memorial Library system is not shutting down for Columbus Day, they are all taking off at our expense for …

… Indigenous Peoples’ Day … no matter how few taxpayers have ever even heard of it.

Notable, too, is that City of Shreveport, Caddo Parish Commission and State of Louisiana folks are doing NO such thing.

First heard of in the 1980s and much more so the 1990s, the original effort to legitimately honor American Indians and Alaskan Natives has morphed into a political-left partisan push.

Understandably, Indigenous Peoples’ Day is now a declared state holiday in Maine, New Mexico and South Dakota. Then, in another small group of states, including Louisiana – thanks to John Bel Edwards’ partisan act last year – Indigenous Peoples’ Day is “observed,” but is not a state holiday for employees.

Now, a hundred or so American cities, to one degree or another, also specially mark the day. Many of these are clearly locales where such honoring makes perfect historical / social sense.

That Columbus Day is on life-support is not the issue, at all.

Not only do we now know that Christopher Columbus did not “discover American in 1492” and Leif Eriksson likely did some 500 years earlier, we also know Christopher Columbus never set foot on even a square inch of what is America.

Regardless, the second Monday in October is not “Indigenous Peoples Day” in America. It is not an appropriate excuse to take a holiday on taxpayer dollars …

… but don’t bother telling our Shreveport Memorial Library bosses that.

Here, by way of compelling population-count evidence, is how stupefying and wrong this is.

By U. S. Census Bureau measurement, the indigenous people of America – AMERICAN INDIANS and ALASKA NATIVES – numbered only 5.2 million of the 309.3 million total population in the last, 2010 Census … 1.7% of all Americans. (SEE Census Bureau link below.)

And, the IWGIA – International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs – in no way tries to hide (even on its website) that the count is now 6.6 million, still only 2.0% of the U. S. population.

All of which leaves this fine and ending stunner.

According to the (latest) 2019 U. S. Census Bureau Population Estimates, this is how few of us here are indigenous peoples …

… in Louisiana, 0.8%, and

… in Caddo Parish, 0.5%.

Put another way, in Caddo Parish there are …

… 100-times as many black residents as indigenous peoples (50.0% of the parish population),

… 93-times as many white residents (46.5%),

… 5.8-times as many Hispanic / Latinos (2.9%), and

… 2.6-times as many Asians (1.3%).

Our only smaller group are “Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders.”

* * * * * * * *


Shreveport / Caddo property owners pay the Shreve Memorial Library two annual tax millages totaling 9.22-mills. Parishwide, we pay more only to Caddo public schools and the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Since 1980, that library system property tax has skyrocketed +253.3% … from 2.61-mills.

In that same period, Caddo Parish has lost -12,154 residents, a now accelerating decline.

© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

2010 Census Bureau

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