Publisher’s Note: (Some) Records Made Public in City Water Scandal

11/3/16 – 3:50PM

One of the keys to good governance is transparency in government.  Open and public records for citizens to freely view is such a cornerstone.  Our City Hall has taken actions in delaying and denying public records (in this case via an outside legal counsel at taxpayer expense) that rip at the heart of this fundamental right we as taxpaying citizens have.  We have and will insist and fight to obtain what is rightfully information owned by the public.  Thankfully due to the efforts of Kaley Green & Elliott Stonecipher, we have SOME of the long awaited documents.  These are files that no other media source in Shreveport has cared to gather or publish for the good of this community.

To begin with, our readers should view this file containing a demand from former Shreveporter, attorney Michael Wainwright, that he is due payment for his claims he discovered a water billing error.  Notably, he gives a background on himself and his activities within local government in Shreveport (more on that story to come).

Wainwright Letter To City

This is all the rest of the information we have received split into two chronological parts due to file size.  Private attorney Julie Lafargue, representing the City of Shreveport in this water scandal and lawsuit filed by Wainwright’s party has given us correspondence that she will be providing further documents.  We will publish those as well.  Please note: An anonymous email from a worker inside the City Department of Water and Sewerage makes explosive claims within these documents shortly after the Shreveport Times’ Lex Talamo broke the news of this scandal.

Water Scandal Doc 11-3-16 – Part 1

Water Scandal Doc 11-3-16 – Part 2

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