Tuesday, April 4, 2017 … 9:05 A.M. ….

KTBS News last night broadcast its new report in Shon Gables’ hardball investigation into Shreveport government corruption.

This report adds the administration of former mayor Keith Hightower to the water and sewer under-billing history.

Ms. Gables’ effort to get former mayor Cedric Glover on the record in this part of her work failed when he “did not want to comment” any further. ‘No surprise there since self-incrimination would be a given.

As the report explains, the count of lawsuits against the administration of current Mayor Ollie Tyler by businessman Scott Pernici and attorney Mike Wainwright continues to rise.

Both Pernici and Wainwright were major players in the Hightower administration.

Still, there is no word of a criminal investigation by anyone in law enforcement or criminal prosecution.

(The absence of criminal investigation and prosecution here is the ultimate “back-story” in this and all other such revelations. No work KTBS or anyone else does replaces the enforcement of criminal laws against corrupt public officials. Here “leadership” routinely goes to bat for the corrupt.)

It is too soon to tell, but it certainly appears that Ms. Gables / KTBS are stepping-up to provide our local media’s long-ago abandoned coverage of runaway public corruption here.

Here is Ms. Gables latest, superb report:…/allegations-and-rhetoric-rise-over-wa…

Elliott Stonecipher

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