Sunday, May 7, 2017 … 1:53 P.M.Caddo Parish Commissioners met last Thursday, their first convocation since the shocking – and, to them, very embarrassing – electoral loss the Saturday before.

Commissioners, rather than accepting responsibility, continue to whine about voters being misled, the evil of social media, and, more generally, how they suffer a dimwitted public.

Yes, in fact, there is a LOT of misleading going on … by Commissioners.

I will detail here how Commissioner Lyndon B. Johnson earns the award for Top Misleader.

For my many new readers, here is a summary …

Exposing Caddo Commission official malfeasance began in 2013 when I decided to personally research Commissioner self-pay, alone, at my expense.

I discovered and documented a broad pattern of such scams as far back as 1993.

The Commission’s kick-off taxation defeat was October 2013, when Caddo voters rejected (1) its “road maintenance” property tax, and (2) Commissioner term “limits” of 5 terms, 4 years each.

In loud retribution, Commissioners voted themselves up to $15,000 per year per person, unrestricted, for travel, plus taxpayer-funded health insurance, both explicitly prohibited by the Caddo Parish Home Rule Charter.

In May 2014, Commissioners made citizens re-vote the road tax. The 59-vote loss the first time became a stomping the second … 23% YES and 77% NO.

In January 2015, I went public with the details of the most wide-open and deliberate theft of public funds I know about.

Commissioners, in March 2000, voted themselves an explicitly banned retirement benefit … membership in “CPERS”, the Caddo Parish Employees Retirement System.

As Commissioners knew, the Louisiana Constitution was amended in November 1996 to leave no wiggle-room in the ban. Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Caddo voters approved the amendment, as did 70% of voters statewide.

The only elected body in Louisiana to go right ahead with the self-pay was our Caddo Parish Commission, regardless that “parish commissioners” were explicitly included in the ban.

In February 2015, responding to my discoveries, Commissioners quickly acted to preserve the CPERS theft … hiring three outside attorneys to do so.

In March 2015, I sued Commissioners to force return of (now) some $350,000 of our money.

Since, Commission lawyers have put another $150,000-plus in their pockets.

Still, we are nowhere near a ruling on CPERS.

The litigation remains mired in “legal exceptions” filed by Commission attorneys, which preserves the CPERS heist.

Facts be damned, here is what Commissioner Lyndon Johnson said – verbatim – in Thursday’s meeting (time coded 42:35-to-44:00 in the recording of the meeting):

“… retirement … they(‘re) sayin(g) its illegal retirement but it’s been through two court systems right now, and neither one said it’s … it’s illegal. Once they did make the decision now the point was ‘well, you still need to pay the money back.’

Well, neither one of the judges said ‘pay the money back.’ Once they did make the decision, now the point was ‘well you still need to pay the money back.’ Well, neither one of the judges say pay the money back. They basically rendered their decision, and left it as it was.”

All of that refers to rulings on those “exceptions,” and oppositely states the actual meaning, which is this …

… one district and three (of nine) appellate judges have opined that neither I nor any Caddo citizen has “legal standing” to force return of the stolen money.

Thereby, honest people will see, the judges recognize the money has been pilfered, and opine only about who has the legal right to force its recovery.

As explained by our Pesnell Law Firm attorneys, their rulings would mean …

… only the “Parish of Caddo” has the legal right to force return of the stolen money;

… under law, the Parish of Caddo IS the Caddo Parish Commission;

… under law, the Caddo Parish Commission IS Caddo Parish Commissioners;

… thus, only Commissioners can force themselves to give taxpayers our money back … which they have steadfastly refused to do for over two years.

Appeals, therefore, continue.

… more to come …

© 2017 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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