Tuesday, May 9, 2017 … 10:22 A.M.This article continues our in-depth look into the aftermath of the April 29th election defeat that hammered the Caddo Parish Commission.

Five-of-five of its taxation propositions went down in flames, owing to an assortment of corrupt practices over many, many years.

In last Thursday’s regular meeting of the bunch, most spoke-up in various attempts to rewrite the Commission’s history of corruption … while accusing opponents of misleading the public in the election run-up.

In this article, I will explain how various Commissioners are, since the election, working hard to convince people that their theft of CPERS – Caddo Parish Employee Retirement System – pay from taxpayers did not cost we the people anything.

Commissioner Lyndon B. Johnson has taken point in this attempt to send Caddo voters on yet another corrupt government snipe-hunt, but various other CPERS stealers do so from time-to-time. It is a major feature of their self-pay long con.

The misfeasors’ position is that Caddo taxpayers would have paid either (a) the employer portion of a Commissioner’s Social Security payroll deduction, or (b) match their CPERS (heist) money … as if the two are the same amount.

Here is how Commissioner Johnson said it, verbatim, last Thursday. (Note that “CPERS” is not used, always now called “deferred compensation” by the guilty:

“… you have a choice of bein’ in Social Security or bein’ in deferred compensation plan, and you look at the options of the two, you’ll look at whichever one of the options best suits you.

Uh, in both circumstances, if you pay into Social Security your employer also pays into Social Security. So if everyone up here pay into Social Security we’ll still be using taxpayers’ money to match what they supposed to as the employer of payin’ us into Social Security.

Tell me what’s the difference … there isn’t.”

Wrong, wrong, wrong, Mr. Commissioner, sir.

The comparisons which prove the lie are in the subject report of the Louisiana Legislative Auditor. The LLA audited the Commission as a result of my exposure of the CPERS scam. Its audit report is dated November 25, 2015, with calculations through December 2014:

First, on Page 6 of the report:

“2. Public Monies Contributed into Retirement Accounts of Commissioners

Furthermore, by comparison, had these Commissioners been properly participating in the Social Security program, our calculations indicate the Parish would have paid Social Security
taxes totaling $122,124.97, a savings of $136,540.81 to the parish taxpayers.”

Then, on report Page 8:

“According to our calculations, the Parish paid $136,540.81 more into Commissioner 401(a) retirement accounts than it would have been required to pay the federal government had these Commissioners been participating in the Social Security program.”

Here is the complete audit report:…/F48FE5D8EA…/$FILE/0000B5B7.pdf

I note for the record that Commissioner Johnson’s cost to taxpayers, only though December 2014, was $5,716.88.

Let this article be my demand for a full refund, plus interest.

Finally, we should note that the LLA report is certainly sufficient for the federal government – perhaps including investigators? – to visit Commissioners about the payroll taxes they opted not to pay.

© 2017 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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