Tuesday, July 24, 2018 … 8:12 P.M.

Last Saturday, in my first article in this series, I mentioned a factoid from Caddo Commissioner Steven Jackson’s qualifying papers, called a “Notice of Candidacy.”

There is much more news on that subject now, but the stage was changed dramatically late today when our local paper’s intended rescue of Jackson backfired.

Buckle-up for this one.

Official, online candidate qualifying data from the Louisiana Secretary of State has Jackson using only a post office box address, P. O. Box 7045 in Shreveport.

As to his residential address, a recent, official voter registration record for Jackson listed 7800 Youree Drive, Apt. 603, Shreveport – far outside his Caddo Commission District 3.

According to Caddo Commission ordinance Section 3-01.C, if a Commissioner’s legal domicile / actual residence changes from the district in which elected, the seat is automatically vacant.

Last night, in an interview on local American Ground Radio with attorney and Republican Party official Louis Avallone, Jackson’s supposed “explanation” only raised more questions.

Jackson said that just months ago, when his late mother changed her mailing address to the Youree Drive apartment, she checked a box on the U. S. Post Office form which also changed the addresses of all people living at 2048 Ashton Street.

Jackson asserts that the address change triggered like changes to the Louisiana Secretary of State and Caddo Registrar of Voters records.

After the show, it was clear Jackson only made things worse for himself.

Research into those official registration records shows that Jackson’s mother was never registered to vote at 2048 Ashton Street.

As Avallone asks it, why would the Secretary of State change everyone’s voter registration address at 2048 Ashton when his mother was NEVER registered to vote there?

Since 2010, Jackson’s mom was registered at 453 Chickasaw Trail, then 610 Sugarleaf Trail, then again at the Chickasaw Trail address, then again, this past March, on Sugarleaf Trail.

In a (public record) email from Jackson to the Caddo Registrar, he writes …

“… when my mother did her change of address to have the place placed (sic) her then Youree Drive apartment it somehow moved my voter address …”
All of that said, it was all much worse for Jackson this afternoon when he astonishingly outed himself anew.

While attempting to politically cover for Jackson and hit yours truly as the offender, the paper reported:

“Jackson said he does not own or live in the Ashton Street home. Instead, he lives in the Riverscape Apartment complex near Stoner Avenue and the Clyde Fant Parkway.”

Really?! Jackson signed and attested to statements on his Notice of Candidacy which set out completely different facts. There, he said his “Domicile Address” is …

… “2048 Ashton St., Shreveport, LA 71103” … NOT a Riverscape Apartment address.

This is written immediately above his signature:

“All statements contained herein are true and correct.”

Which statement – story – is true and correct?

… series to be continued …

© 2018 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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